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Character: Vlandilena Milize Anime Name : 86-Eighty-Six Power : Commander Height : 160cm Gender : Female Width : 50kg Hair color : Silver-blue Eye color: Hazel-blue Partners: Shinei Nouzen Birthday : July 12, 351

Vlandilena Milize- 86-Eighty-Six

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1. Who is Vlandilena Milize?

Vlandilena Milize is a handler One and commander, who has the role to Instruct the front soldiers of the ‘Republic of San Magnolia‘ on the battlefield. She is a leader and controller of our main character Shinei Nouzen and other squad members. She leads the various team through a Para-Raid and gives them a suitable command according to the situation. According to her personality and her commanding capability, she is also called by another name called Bloody Reina. She is Tactician and a serious person. Vlandilena is always looking for the best solution and wants to make a good connection with her members.

She is also known by her pet name Lena. She is one of our main protagonists of the anime series 86-Eighty-six. She is really emotional and really cares about the Eighty-six very much. So, many other handlers called her a Drone Loving Princess. another fellow handler also talk a negative thing about her back. But, she never cares what other people say and always moves on to what she has to do it. Even though there is great pressure to handle the army she is always well managed and gives her the best performance to protect as much as possible.

there is no doubt she is a great and strong commanding capability. she is humble and always friendly toward her soldiers. She has a unique technical ability to deal with the legions. She always took her handling role more seriously.

2. Vlandilena Milize Voice Artists

2.1 Ikumi Hasegawa- Japanese Voice Artist

Japanese Voice Artist Ikumi Hasegawa ( Source: 64.media.tumblr.com)

Ikumi Hasegawa was born on May 31, in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. She is a voice actress, who is well known for her appearance in the Japanese light novel Series, Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki, as a Minami Nanami, and 86 as Vladilena Milize.

Taking about her voice acting career she started her journey with Aikatsu Stars! in 2016. This idol genre anime is more related to card arcade games. The direction is done by the director Teruo Sato and the story is written by Yuuko Kakihara. When our main character Yume Nijino decides to become a top idol in the world with her childhood friend Yume then our season is started. The following year she got a chance to appear in various anime series, such as Seven Senses of the Reunion, as a Momoi, Chio’s School Road, as Fuyumi Nojo, Iroduku: The World in Colors, as Sanami Asagawa, Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious, as Girone, If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die, as a Sorane Matsuyama, etc. She got a little bit more recognized after she did a voice-over role of Vladilena Milize in the action series, 86-Eighty Six.

Talking about her recent project, she has already given her voice to several anime series in 2022. They are as follows.

Anime Series Name Role/Characters
Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost Shino
Love After World Domination Desumi Magahara
In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki Shion
My Master Has No Tail Koito
Bocchi the Rock Ikuyo Kita

In The Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki

In the Heart of Kunoichi is a comedy-based manga adapted anime series whose original series is run in 2022, April 10. Our great manga illustrator and writer Soichiro Yamamoto write this amazing piece of its manga series. Later, it was re-write by the Konomi Shuga, and direction is done by Takudai Kakuchi. Talking about the storyline of “In The Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki”. Our main protagonist name Tsubaki is the best ninja-type student in the school. In that village, there is one rule and tradition that no women have a right to contact any men around the village. Though there is a restriction she is always want to know other men and curious about them.

2.2 Suzie Yeung – English Voice Artist

English Voice Artist Suzie Yeung ( Source: Twitter )

Suzie Yeung is an English voice artist of sci-fi, 86 anime series. She is popular for her appearances in Appare-Ranman!, Assault Lily: Bouquet, and Azur Lane.

Taking about her voice acting career she started her journey with Kemono Friends in 2019. This adventure genre anime is manga-based series. The direction is done by the director Nexon and also published by Nexon. There is a large zoo Park called Japari Park, which is a secret place to keep various endangered species and creatures. Because of the magical element called Sandstar, many animals are turned into beautiful girls. There is a Zoo guard named Nana who always protects the Japari Park and manages the Park.

The following year she got a chance to appear in various anime series, such as Sword Art Online: Alicization, as a Mei Mei Xiang, A Certain Scientific Railfun T, as a Ryoko Kariba, Rent-A-Girlfriend, as Sumi Sakurasawa, The Misfit of Demon King Academy, Sheila Glanzudlii, The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc, as an Angelina Kudou Sields, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, as a Lara Tybur, The Quintessential Quintiples, as a Eba, etc. She got a little bit more recognized after she did a voice-over role of Vladilena Milize in the action series, 86-Eighty Six.

Recently, in 2022 she already appeared in various interesting anime series such as Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, as Erika, Girls’ Frontline, as aPPSH-43, Komi Can’t Communicate, as a Chika Netsuno.

3. Vlandilena Milize- Birth Age, Family Background, Father, Mother, Siblings

Vlandilena Milize was born on July 12, 351, in the Republic of San Magnolia. She was born to her father Vaclav Milize, who was a member of the Republic Armed Forces, and her mother, Margrete Milize. Previously, her father is a

She has an Uncle named Jerome Karistahi, who is a division commander officer of the Republic. Besides, there is no information about her other family members. She is the daughter of the Milize family. Talking about her family background her family is more interested and wants a high social status. So, her family also wants her to marry a high social status family and successfully live her life. However, she is not interested in having such a relationship. She is more focused on the military sector and wars. She wants to make everyone happy and the country war free.

4. Vlandilena Milize Love Interest and Relationship

Vlandilena Milize Love Interest Shinei Nouzen AKA Undertaker

Lena is a Military officer Major and the handler of the Republic of San Magnolia. After being a hander of the different groups she starts working with the group Spearhead Squadron. Where she feels connected with this group captain, Shinei Nouzen also known by his codename Undertaker. They started to share different personal things though they have not to meet once.

Lena is one of the girls, who is saved by Shin’s elder brother, Dullahan – Shourei Nouzen in the Past. When they found out that they both know his brother. They feel a little closer while talking to each other about their past.

Vlandilena Milize’s Height, weight, and Physical Appearance

Lena has silver-blue texture long hair and silver hazel-blue eyes. Her height is 160cm and her weight is around 50kg. Mostly she appeared in a military dress, throughout the whole series.

She mostly wears her Army suit or dress, which is from a Republic Army’s Prussian Blue, a combination of blue and white. As a cover, she adds some white and blue coats over her uniform. Other than the official Army dress she also wears a gown-like attire made with fashionable silk-like material. She is from the estate. So, sometimes we can see her in beautiful mourning clothes.

According to her past, she get a chance to experience the outside Eighty-five sector, when she was just 10 years old. At that time her family was attacked by a Legion, which is a self-moving deadly AI machine from the Giadian Empire. At that time she was saved by the Shinei Nouzen elder brother named Shourei Nouzen. Unfortunately, her parents could not make it alive. From that incident, she devoted herself to becoming a great handle who can protect the whole Eight-six Frontlines. She also wants to bring peace after taking down the other enemies. She is really good at studying and always secures a top position in her class. Due to her hardworking and devotion, she successfully holds the position of major in the military, just at  16. She is well known for her magnificent ability to summarize combat style and data over Legion’s army, which is quite commendable and super useful. Vlandilena always wants to make a friendly relationship with her Soldiers. However, nobody is really interested in her behaviors and any other activity from the Handlers. She wants to keep perfect communication wither her Soldiers to make their bonds strong.

6. Vlandilena Milize – Trivia

  1. She received a nickname, Bloody Regina after started commanding Spearhead.
  2. Lena is an elite Republican soldier, who holds the rank of Major at the young age of 16.
  3. She hates and is afraid of the spiders.

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