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Character: Tristan Liones Anime Name : Seven Deadly Sins Power : Ark and Power of Darkness Height : 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) Gender : Male Width : 30 kg Hair color : Silver Eye color: Blue (right eye), Green (left eye), Black (demon) Partners: N/A Birthday : May 2

Tristan Liones – Seven Deadly Sins

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Who is Tristan Liones of the Seven Deadly Sins?

Tristan Liones is the son of the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas, and Elizabeth Liones. Even more, he is also one of the members of the Four Knights of Apocalypse, whose aim is to bring destruction to the world. Adding to that, he is also a young and energetic boy.

Who are the voice actors of Tristan Liones?

Voice Actors of Tristan Liones

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Ayumu Murase.

Whereas, the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actress, Jeannie Terado.


Appearance of Tristan Liones (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards his appearance, he is very similar to his father, Meliodas. Adding on, he has silver-colored hair. Even more, his right eye is blue and his left eye is green. But when he is in demon form using his demon power, he has black eyes.


Relationship of Tristan Liones (Source: Artofit)


Meliodas is the father of Tristan. At the start, he thought that his father was an alcoholic and had no work as he kept touching the breasts of his mother. Later, when he learns about the history of his father, he starts to respect him a lot. Adding on, he also starts to aim to become one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth Liones

There is a good relationship between Elizabeth and Tristan. His mother loves him a lot. He also wants to know the past of his mother and why she is popular as Bloodstained Ellie. As well, his mother’s powers are his favorite among all.

Find out about the love interest of Tristan Liones.

The exact romance or his love are not mentioned in the series. But Isolde is the one who keeps showing him feelings. whereas Tristan cares about her but is unaware that she has feelings for him.

Heading on, she thinks that she is a very straight-forward girl. We can expect him to fall in love and have a love interest in the series later. As of now, he has no love interest.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Tristan Liones (Source: Anime Trending)


Being a descendant of the goddesses, he is able to create and manipulate Divine Light. Also, he can manipulate it in a form that can disintegrate anything he touches. As well, it is more effective for demons and Vampires.


He can also deploy and use the two pairs of feather wings, which can help him fly. But when he is using or is in Black Magic, the feather turns black.

Power of Darkness

As he is descendant of both goddesses and demons, he can also use t dark magicfor the different purposes.lso, he can increase his power using dark magic.

What is the weapon of Tristan Liones?

Tristan has a different sword as his weapon. But there are two swords he loves to use. The two swords are Mael and Estarossa.


• He loves to eat fish pie.

• His cooking skills are very bad.


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