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Character: Tomo Aizawa Anime Name : Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Power : N/A Height : 5 feet 5 inch (170 cm) Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Red Eye color: Red Partners: N/A Birthday : July 7

Tomo Aizawa – Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

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Tomo Aizawa (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Tomo Aizawa?

Tomo Aizawa is a character in the Japanese anime series Tomo-chan Is a Girl! she is 16 years old. Tomo is a tomboy who is very good at sports.

She starts to have a crush on her childhood friend, Junichirou Kubota. But, he does not have the same feelings and only thinks of her as his friend.

Who are the voice actors of Tomo Aizawa?

Voice Actors of Tomo Aizawa

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Rie Takahashi. Whereas, the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress, Lexi Nieto.


Tomo Aizawa Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Tomo Aizawa is a tall girl with a height of 5 feet 5 inches (170 cm). Though she is a girl, she has a muscular and lean appearance. In addition, she has small hair which is red in color. As well, the color of her eyes is also red. Most of the time, she seems to be wearing her school uniform and skirt along with compression shorts.


Moving towards their personality, she has a winning nature when it comes to sports. Even more, sometimes she loves to scare people by showing how powerful she is. But, when it comes to the boy she loves, Junichirou Kubota she automatically becomes shy. Adding on, she is very innocent though she has a tomboy type of attitude.


Tomo and Jun met each other ten years ago. Jun moved from Tokyo and started to live near Tomo. On their first meeting, Tomo climbed the fence in order to greet him. Whereas, on their second meeting Tomo break the handheld game of Jun. Jun angrily punches her thinking that she is a boy. Also, Tomo tells Jun to keep on punching her. Later, her parents go to Jun’s house to apologize for her manner of her. Then, Tomo asks Jun to become friends with each others and the friendship between them started. During middle school, Jun finds out Tomo is a girl.


Junichirou Kubota

Jun and Tomo Aizawa (Source: Animevania)

Jun is a childhood friend of Tomo. He is also a love interest of Tomo. But, Jun only thinks of her as his friend. They were neighbors but only goes to the same school when they were in middle high school.

Misuzu Gundou

Misuzu Gundou and Tomo Aizawa (Source: Anime Motivation)

Misizu is also a childhood friend of Tomo. Adding on, their mothers were also childhood friends of each other. As a result, they were also grown up together.

Carol Olston

Carol Olston and Tomo Aizawa (Source: Pinterest)

Tomo often calls Carol Cotton Candy. She becomes friends with her when they were in their first year of high school. At that time, Carol asked Tomo to become a friend and she agreed.

Kousuke Misaki

Kousuke Misaki, Carol Olston and Tomo Aizawa (Source: IMDb)

Kousuke and Tomo are in the same karate club at school. Though, Tomo is a girl she is in the boy karate club because girls are too scared to train with her. Also, Misaki is a huge fan of Tomo.


• Her first name Tomo means intelligent.
• Tomo feels very difficult to wear skirts.


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