The world is a dangerous place, and we hunters are its protectors. We must be prepared to face any threat that comes our way.
Character: Thomas Andre Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Blonde Eye color: Red Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Thomas Andre – Solo Leveling

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Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Thomas Andre in Solo Leveling?

Thomas Andre is one of the five National Level Hunters. He is the guild master of the Scavenger Guild.

Also, Andre has immense strength which leads him to gain respect from his S-Ranks friends as well as the American Government.


Thomas Andre Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Heading towards his appearance, he is very muscular. His age is not mentioned in the series, but from his appearance, we can expect that his age is 30 to early 40s. The color of his hair is blonde whereas the color of his eye is red. Most of the time, he wears shorts with sunglasses.

Background and Family

Moving towards his background, he is from a very poor immigrant family. As an immigrant, his family has a lot of enemies. To protect them from the enemies and survive along with the enemies, he changes himself into a brawler. It is the reason he changes himself into a muscular person. Later, he changes his occupation and worked hard. As a result, he is one of the strongest hunters now.


Thomas Andre Abilities (Source: Pinterest)

Immense Strength

We can expect his power from his muscular body. also, he is very powerful when it comes to strength as he was able to send Jinwoo flying in his one blow. As well, we can also see his strength while fighting against the Beast Monarch.


Along with his strength, he is very durable in the battles. In the battle with Sung Jin-woo, he was still fighting with him though Jinwoo broke his leg.


Thomas can telekinetically pull the object towards him. In addition, he can pull other objects as well as opponents and capture them.


It is his other ability, in which he punches the ground. After hitting the ground it creates shock waves and It can damage the opponents who are in its radius.

Thomas Andre vs Beru

Thomas Andre vs Beru

Thomas Andre vs Beru will be one of the amazing battles. Andre is the strongest S-rank hunter whereas Beru is a powerful and monarch. On one hand, Thomas uses his immense strength and fire-based attacks.

On the other hand, Beru is capable of summoning and controlling an army of ants. As a result, it is very difficult to predict the winner. As a result, it will be an intense and unpredictable battle between them.

Is Thomas Andre stronger than that Sung Jin-woo?

Sung Jin-woo and Thomas Andre (Source: Pinterest)

It is the common question every Solo Leveling fan has, Is Thomas Andre stronger than that Sung Jin-woo? Well, no Thomas Andre is not stronger than that Sung Jin-woo. Althought, Thomas Andre has intense strength and battle experience but Sung Jin-woo’s powers grow more along with the series.

Even more, Sung Jin-woo is also able to become one of the strongest hunters in the world fusing with the shadow of the powerful creatures. Whereas, Thomas Andre is a good friend of Sung Jin-woo. Thus, Thomas Andre will lose if he battles against Sung Jin-woo.


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