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Character: Tezcatlipoca Anime Name : Fate/Grand Order Power : Smoking Mirror Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Blonde Eye color: N/A Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Tezcatlipoca of Fate/Grand Order

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Tezcatlipoca (Source: Danbooru)


Tezcatlipoca is one of the characters of Fate Grand Order. Ritsuka Fujimaru is the one who summoned him. She summoned him as an Assassin class servant.

Tezcatlipoca works as Counter Force for Daybit Sem Void. The people in Counter Force are summoned to prevent the life of a human from beasts and keep their existence.


Tezcatlipoca (Source: Twitter)

Quetzalcoatl describes the form of Tezcatlipoca as one of the worst forms she has watched. Even more, she does not like him so she wants to turn him into pieces. Actually, he seems to be a young man with long blonde hair. Adding on, he is also known as Smoking Mirror.

Tezcatlipoca – Dress

Tezcatlipoca Dress (Source: Danbooru)

He uses to wear a long black coat. Along with it, he wears jeans and pants. Also, he wears a long chain. As well, his t-shirt is torn up at the bottom. As well, he also wears spectacles with blue outlines and glasses with brown color.


Tezcatlipoca is very famous as an evil god. Adding on, Quetzalcoatl describes as he is the worst person in the world. Even more, he seems like a person from the modern world. He seems to be a very arrogant and rude person. Also, he even says he is the god. As he is like a person of the modern world, he likes to use the modern weapon. The thing he believes is everything should be changed and evolved.


Tezcatlipoca Ability (Source: Danbooru)

He is one of the most powerful people from Fate/Grand Order. He can make dead people to comeback in life. But, he still seeks his advantage. To do so he takes weapons from them to make anyone alive again. Further, he is one who revives Ritsuka Fujimaru and in return, he gets three Commands Seals as a weapon.

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Active skills

Blood Sacrifice (enmity) A

While creating the world the god has a problem in that the beasts can kill anyone. Later, Tezcatlipoca cuts off the legs of the beast on his own. The piece of the leg also helped him to catch another beast too. With the help of the body of the beasts, he created a land.
The only disadvantage of his skill is it can give him 500 damage. Whereas, the advantage of this skill it can make the enemies have the attention of the user 3 times.

Smoking Mirror

This skill is the one for which he is famous as the name, Smoking Mirror. Adding on, he is the person with a mirror on his chest. The user can have the evasion for one time. As well, the main advantage of this skill is it can increase critical damage once at a time.


He is known as Smoking Mirror.
His skill can make the dead people come back to life.
He is very attracted to the modern world.

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