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Character: Takani Megumi Anime Name : Rurouni Kenshin Power : Doctor Height : 5 feet 5 inches (166 cm) Gender : Female Width : 45 kg Hair color : Black Eye color: Brown Partners: N/A Birthday : December 1857

Takani Megumi – Rurouni Kenshin

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Takani Megumi (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Takani Megumi?

Takani Megumi is a character in the Japanese anime series Rurouni Kenshin. Her family is medical. In addition, they used to live in the province of Aizu. One day, her father dies, resulting in the disappearance of her mother as well as her older brothers. Heading on, she also becomes an assistant doctor on her own.

Later, she was captured in order to make drugs secretly for Takeda Kanryu. Anyway, she manages to escape under the protection of Himura and Kamiya. But she still lives in Tokyo with the motive of finding her mother and brothers, after which she can happily live on Aizu again.

Who are the voice actresses for Takani Megumi?

Voice Actresses of Takani Megumi

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Mika Doi. Whereas, the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress, Mari Devon.


Appearance of Takani Megumi (Source: Var Anime)

Moving towards her appearance, she is a young girl with behaviors like a woman. Also, she always wears red lipstick. As a doctor, she wears the doctor’s dress most of the time. When she was not wearing it, she used to wear the normal kimonos in a blurred or violet color.

 Love Interest

Sagara Sanosuke and Takani Megumi (Source: Pinterest)

The exact love interest of Takani is not revealed in the series. But she keeps flirting with Himura Kenshin. Also, she even has feelings for him. Later, she even says she will become a doctor due to the words of Himura and produce opium. As a result, she seems to have a love interest in Himura, but the end of her feelings is still not mentioned.

Sometimes, she has frequent romantic moments with Sagara, but the moments are dismissed frequently. As well, Kenshin chose Karou in her place.


Kamiya Karou

She seems to have a good relationship with Kamiya. whereas they both seem to have the attention of Kenshin. In addition, Kenshin also chooses Kamiya rather than Takani. Takani also feels that, and she provides Kamiya with information that all the injuries that Kenshin takes will keep adding damage to his body. As a result, it can take a premature death for him.

Sagara Sanosuke

Though the two are good with each other, They keep on making comments and saying harsh words to each other. While fighting with each other, they create frequent romantic incidents with each other and get out of them very frequently. As the series keeps going, they both create stronger bonds with each other.


Abilities of Takani Megumi (Source: IMDb)

Takani is a very intelligent doctor. Also, she can create the medicines using both Japanese cultural ways and modern Western ways. Even more, she can learn about the poison just by having a glimpse of it. As well, she can also create cures for those poisons.


• Her name, Megumi, has the meaning blessing.

• Megumi first appeared in Episode 9 of the series.

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