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Character: Taiga Kagami Anime Name : Kuroko no Basket Power : Jumping Power and Self-alley loop Height : 190 cm Gender : Male Width : 82 kg Hair color : Red and black Eye color: Red Partners: N/A Birthday : August 2nd

Taiga Kagami – Kuroko no Basket

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Taiga Kagami (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Taiga Kagami?

Taiga Kagami is a character in the Japanese sports (basketball) anime series, Kuroko no Basket. He plays from the position of power forward. Many power forward are used to place at the center because they have good strength but they don’t have a good jump.

As of now, he is playing for the team whose name is Seirin Team Vorpal Swords. Adding on, Tetsuya Kuroko is his friend and they have a bond because of playing basketball together. Also, he has the quality to become the best basketball player in Japan.
More description about him is in the table below:

Taiga Kagami’s Description
Age 16
Height 190 cm
Weight 82 kg
Birthday August 2nd
Jersey Number 10

Who are the voice actors of Taiga Kagami?

Japanese voice actor, Yūki Ono

Yūki Ono (Source: IMDb)

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actor Yūki Ono. Moving towards his birth, he was born on June 22, 1984, in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. He is also famous for providing his voice for anime like Hunter x Hunter, Hyoka, and Fairy Tail.

American voice actor, Zeno Robinson

Zeno Robinson (Source: IMDb)

The English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor, Zeno Robinson. Heading towards his birth, he was born on 25 October 1993 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Some of his notable works include his voice for anime like One-Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and Akudama Drive.


Taiga Kagami (Source: Pinterest)

With his muscular body, he does not seem like he is a student in high school. But, his age is 16 years old. Along with his muscular body, he is very tall in height. Further, the color of his hair is two-toned black and red hair. Whereas, the color of his eyes is red. Also, he has a height of 190 cm and a weight of 82 kg.

Taiga Kagami – Dress

Taiga Kagami Dress (Source: Pinterest)

While on the field Taiga Kagami wears a jersey with red black and white color. It is actually based on the theme of Seirin High School. Adding on, he wears a jersey with the number 10. Even more, he also appears in his school uniform in which he unzips his gakuran and wears a white shirt inside of it.


Talking about his personality he is very focused on his goal. Even more, he hard works and wants to sort out every difficulty that comes against him. Further, he thinks that playing basketball against strong opponents is only worth it. Whereas, playing against the easy one will not make him any good in his game. Moreover, he is very scared of dogs and has Cynophobia.


Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami (Source: Pinterest)

Tetsuya Kuroko and Kagami meet each other when they joined the basketball team at Seirin High School. Further, they realize both of them are good players and promise they both will become a good player in Japan one day.

Tatsuya Himoro

Tatsuya Himoro and Taiga Kagami ( Source: Pinterest)

Tatsuya Himoro and Kagami are childhood friends. Kagami becomes friends with Himoro when he was living in the USA. Even more, the bonding between them was too good as they call themselves a brother.

Power and Abilities

Taiga’s Power (Source: Pinterest)

Jumping Power

Kagami all over is a good basketball player but his jumping power is incredible. Further, he seems to jump even more height after various matches. Also, it does not help him while doing the attack moves but it also helps him while defending.

Self–Alley Loop

He gradually uses the self–alley loop while scoring. Also, in this move, the teammates throw the ball high or try to score, and another player comes and score within the first throw without letting the ball fall down.


  • His first name Taiga means big.
  •  The surname of Taiga(Kagami) means flame.
  • He loves to eat cheeseburgers.

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