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Character: Sung Suho Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: Black Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Sung Suho – Solo Leveling

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Sung Suho (Source: Reddit)

Who is Sung Suho?

Sung Suho is the son of the main protagonist of Solo Leveling, Sung Jin-woo. His mother’s name is Cha Hae-In. As of now, he can be 10-15 years old as he is a young boy. Adding on, he is a student and goes to school.


Sung Suho Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

As of now, Sung Suho is a small young boy with black color of hair and black color of eyes. Even more, when he is using his powers his eyes change blue color.


Sung Suho’s Family (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

The name of the father of Sung Suho is Sung JIn-woo and his mother’s name is Cha Hae-In. Also, his grandmother’s name is Park Kyung-Hye. Likewise, his father his grandfather, Sung II Hwan was also a Hunter. The name of his aunt is Sung Jinah. Whereas, name his uncle is Yoo JInho who is a D-Rank Hunter.

Sung Jin-woo sealed the powers of Sung Suho

Sung Suho was six years old when he get his powers. As a result, he does not know how to control it too. Looking at it his mother was shocked. Also, he starts to create problems for others including his classmates as he is small and does not have any idea to control the power. Thus, his father was made to seal his power and even erased his memories. His father wanted to do it until his son becomes able to control his own powers.

How strong is Sung Suho?

Sung Suho Powers (Source: Reddit)

Suho gained his power when he was just six years old. We already know that his father was a Monarch, as well as his father, was one of the strongest Hunter. Even more, his grandfather, Sung II Hwan was also one of the strongest hunters in the series. As a result, it can be possible the genetics and powers of Sung Jin-woo are passed to his son, Sung Suho.

Adding on, his mother was also scared of his powers which made his father cut off his powers and erase his memory. Thus, he is very strong and can become more stronger when he knows how to control his powers.

Can Sung Suho surpass his father in powers?

His father’s level is very high. As of now, Suho has only powers. But, it is also erased from his memories by his father. As well, it can be raised again from various incidents. Whereas, as he is growing up he will also be able to control and use it properly. Adding on, his father was also a very bad rank hunter at the beginning.

While sparring with his father, he always loose and does not want to surpass his father. Heading, he was able to improve himself and get powers from the system with powers beyond the limit. Likewise, his son can also gain more power heading towards more experience and age. So, we might see Sung Suho surpassing his father even though he does not want to surpass him.


• He is a very big fan of ants.
• He does not like to study.


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