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Character: Sung Jinah Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Brownish-black Eye color: Gray Partners: Yoo Jinho Birthday : N/A

Sung Jinah – Solo Leveling

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Sung Jinah (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Sung Jinah in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jinah is the sister of the main protagonist of the series, Sung Jinwoo. Her father, Sung Il-Hwan and brother are both very famous Korean hunters. Adding on, she makes her first appearance in Chapter 8 of the novel and Chapter 11 of the webtoon series.


Appearance of Sung Jinah (Source: Animevania)

Jinah is a very young girl in her teens. In addition, she has gray eyes. As well, she has brownish-colored hair. Most of the time, she keeps her hair in ponytails. Even more, she used to wear pink t-shirts casually in the series.

Jinah: Backstory

Jinah was about 15–17 years old when the series told the story of Sung II Hwan and Park Kyung-Hye. After ten years of this plotline, her father was said to be dead. Even more, after six years, her mother suffers from the Eternal Slumber because they don’t have proper money.

But her brother Jin-woo was earning money for her mother’s medicine before she went into a coma. He even started working hard for the education of his sister. Later, he becomes a hunter in order to earn money. In his raid, he nearly died, which made her worry about her brother. As a result, she wanted to drop out of school and find a job in order to support her brother.


Sung Jinah Relationship (Source: Reddit)

Park Kyung-Hye

Park Kyung-Hye is the mother of Sung Jinah. She was the one to look after her and her brother before she suffered from the disease Eternal Slumber. Her mother asked about her first when she woke up from the coma.

Sung II Hwan

Sung II Hwan is her father. He was trapped in one of the dungeons. Everyone thought that her father was dead, as he did not come from the dungeon.

Sung Jin-woo

Sung Jin-woo is a bother to Sung Jinah, who loves her a lot. Adding on, he is the one who helps her sister a lot with her studies too. Jinah was able to top her school too. Even more, the reason he became a hunter was to look after her sister.

Sung Jinah, Love Interest

Sung Jinah’s Love Interest

Moving towards the love interest, Sung Jinah has a love interest in Yoo Jinho. Later, they get married to each other too. Yoo Jin is very loyal and loves Sung Jinah a lot. He cares a lot about her and wants to make a living on his own. Though he has odd habits and turns things the wrong way, he still wants to make Sung Jinah a happy person.

The father of Sung Jinah later returns from the dungeon.

Father of Sung Jinah (Source: GGWP)

The father of Sung Jinah was trapped in the dungeon, and many people thought that he was already dead. Her father was very close to dying from starvation, but he managed to come back alive after he was found by the rulers. As her father was found by the rulers, he was made one of their vessels and ordered to kill the Shadow Monarch.

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