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Character: Sung II Hwan Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : Ruler's Authority Height : 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) Gender : Male Width : 58 kg Hair color : Black Eye color: Gray Partners: Park Kyung-Hye Birthday : N/A

Sung-II Hwan – Solo Leveling

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Sung-II Hwan

Who is Sung II Hwan?

Sung II Hwan is an S-rank hunter and is a member of the Korean Hunter Association. Hawn is the leader of the Scavenger Guild.

He is the father of the main protagonist of the series, Sung Jin-woo. He Is also known as Iron.


Sung II Hwan Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Sung II Hwan is a middle-aged man with a muscular body. In addition, he has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (165 cm). Whereas, he has a weight of 58 kg. The color of his hair is black and he has the gray color of eyes. Heading towards his dress, he wears a brown cloak with bandages on both of his hands.


Sung II Hwan was a hunter for a very long period of time. Also, he was known for his leadership skills. Adding on, he use to treat his guild members like his family. He also has a daughter whose name is Sung Jinah. As well, his wife’s name is Park Kyung-Hye.
Heading back ten years ago from the actual plot of the series, he was trapped inside the dungeon during a raid. As a result, his family thought that he is dead and his wife did her best to raise her child.

Is Sung II Hwan a monarch?

As of now, Sung II Hwan is not a monarch. Whereas, he is a highly skilled S-rank hunter. But, his son Sung JIn-woo has become a powerful “Shadow Monarch”. The way his son and many of the characters are developing in the series. we can expect he will be also getting transformation into one of the monarchs.

Is Sung-II Hwan dead?

Sung-II Hwan is alive up to now in the series. He has put himself in danger many times but managed to get away from it. Even more, looking at some of the battles he was in near to death whereas the story has not provided that he is already dead in the series. So, as the story has various plots it is very difficult to say what will be Sung-II Hwan’s fate.

How strong is Sung-II Hwan?

Sung-II Hwan Strength (Source: Pinterest)

Besides the Absolute Being, Rulers, and Monarch, Sung II Hwan is another strongest character from the series. Moving on, he was able to spend one decade on an A-class dungeon. He has improved his physical strength as he was able to defeat Hwang Dongsoo in combat effortlessly. Adding on, he was also able to beat and make the Beast Monarch fly with a single hit. But, he was not this powerful before getting trapped in a dungeon.

Power and Abilities

Sung-II Hwan Power and Abilities (Source: Pinterest)

Enhanced Strength

Sung II Hwan has an immense amount of physical strength. He has beat Hwang Dongsoo effortlessly in combat. Even more, he was also able to smash Frost Monarch too.

Enhanced Speed

Along with his physical strength, he is very fast in his attacks as well as dodging too. An example of it is he was able to dodge the attack of the Frost Monarch.


Likewise, the ninja is also able to hide in the surrounding without any clues.

Ruler’s Authority

This is a telekinesis that allows him to control and move objects.


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