My bullets are like the wind. They will find their target no matter what
Character: Simo Hayha Anime Name : Record of Ragnarok Power : Sniper Height : 5 feet 4 inches - 5 feet 8 inches Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Blonde Eye color: Blue Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Simo Häyhä- Record of Ragnarok

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Simo Häyhä (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Simo Häyhä? The Legend of Simo Häyhä

Simo Häyhä is known as The White Death in the real life too. He was one of the best snipers in World War II during 1939-1940. Adding on, he was involved in the Winter War against the Soviet Union. Even more, he also made a Mosin-Nagant rifle and submachine gun.

Also, he was able to kill 500 people in the Winter War using his sniper. As a result, he is also known as the deadliest sniper of all time. Later, in 1940 he was injured in the head by a Soviet Sniper but he even survived it too. After it, he started living peacefully and had a quiet life in his hometown.

Simo Häyhä in Record of Ragnarok

Simo Häyhä is one of the human warriors to represent humanity and battle against the gods. In addition, he is very famous for using snipers and is able to get the nickname ‘White Death’. As he has not debuted in the manga, it is not confirmed with he would be fighting. But, it might be Apollo or Leonidas looking towards the ability and fighting style of Simo Hayha.


Simo Häyhä Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Simo seems to be a person of a small height. So, we can assume that his height can be 5 feet 4 inches- 5 feet 8 inches. Most of the time he seems to be wearing the white color of the dress sniper. Also, he wears a scarf which is to hide his mark from the explosive sniper shot in one side of the face.

Simo Häyhä’s ability as a sniper

Simo Häyhä’s Sniper Ability (Source: Reddit)

Heading towards his ability as a sniper, he is very famous from the history of the anime and manga series, Record of Ragnarok. His long-time training as well as his experience as a sniper has made him one of the greatest snipers of all time. Even more, as one of the abilities of the sniper, he can also use the advantages of various bushes and ambushes to hide in it and blow his perfect shot.

Along with good sniper ability, he has a good strategic and tactical abilities. Thus, with the combination of such abilities, he is one of the strongest characters in the series.

Simo Häyhä can be appearing in the 9th round of Ragnarok

There is a chance that Simo Häyhä can appear in the 9th round of Ragnarok to fight with Apollo. Apollo is one of the 12 Olympian gods. Apollo can use his musical ability as well as arrows in battle. If this battle happens it will be very difficult to Simo to win. Whereas, Simo is very cool and calm and can even win the battle too.

Adding on, he may also appear in the special round of Ragnarok. If this happens he has to win the round to save humanity. Also, if he participates in the special round he might be fighting with Leonidas(King of Sparta).


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