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Character: Shoyo Hinata Anime Name : Haikyuu!! Power : N/A Height : 162.8cm Gender : Male Width : 51.9 kg Hair color : Orange Eye color: Brown Partners: N/A Birthday : June 21

Shoyo Hinata

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Shoyo Hinata (Source: Pinterest)

Shoyo Hinata: Everything you need to know

Shoyo Hinata is a first-year student at Karasuno High. He is very good at spike and later has very good coordination with his teammate setter, Tobio Kageyama. Unfortunately, he was born at a small height. Whereas, it does not matter to him as he has a strong will to play for the national team.


Shoyo Hinata (Source: Pinterest)

Shoyo Hinata is a small boy with a small height of 162.8 cm. As of now, he is 164.2 cm in height. Even more, he has orange color small hair with brown eyes. Because of his height and appearance, he is misunderstood but in the field, he used to amaze everyone.

Hinata’s Dress

Shoyo Hinata Dress (Source: Pinterest)

Most of the time he seems to be wearing the Karasuno’s uniform. Along with it, he wears a black jacket and pants. In the first episode of the series, he seems to be wearing the green volleyball uniform of Yukigoaka Junior High.
Whereas, during the matches, he wears the volleyball uniform of Karasuno High with the number 10 in it. In addition, he wears a knee pad and white shoes with red color linings.

Before Karasuno

Hinata was interested in volleyball because of the Karasuno player known as Little Giant. Likewise, Hinata the Little Giant was also of very small height. But, his gameplay was very good which inspire him to play volleyball.
So, he joined the volleyball club of Yukigoaka Junior High.

But, he was only one member in it so he encourage his classmates to get involved in it. They form a team and their first opponent was Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. In this tournament, he met Kageyama as his opponent.
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Karasuno High

Karasuno members (Source: Pinterest)

He is usually very friendly with everyone around him. But, Kageyama did not want to become his friend at first. They used to compete against each other though they are on the same team. Besides him, he was very happy to see Nishinoya. As they both were very short in their height. Moving on, they both became very good friends.

Nekoma High

Kenma Kozume

Shoyo Hinata and Kenma Kozume (Source: Pinterest)

Once while jogging, Shoyo was lost. It was just before a day of a match with Nekoma. While finding a way he meets one of the players of Nekoma High, Kenma Kozume. They became a good friend in a very short period of time.

Tetsurō Kuroko

Kuroo and Hinata first encounter each other when Kenma and Shoyo met at the park. At the match, Shoyo was so impressed with his blocking abilities. During their training camp, they became very good friends with each other.

Is Hinata selected for the national team of Japan?

The anime is still not showing it whereas the manga has been already elongated a lot. Through the manga, we can see that Hinata will be playing for Japan during the Olympics 2021. Also, he will be playing for a professional team in the Brazilian Super League.


•His last name Hinata stands for the sunny place.
•He loves to eat Egg-cooked rice.
•He is very short in height.

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