Sei Takanashi
Character: Sei Takanashi Anime Name : THE SAINT’S MAGIC POWER IS OMNIPOTENT| SEI TAKANASHI Power : Healing Magic Height : 5 feet and 3 inches Gender : Female Hair color : Black Eye color: Brown Partners: Albert Hawke

Sei Takanashi The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent| Sei Takanashi Voice Actor| Sei Takanashi Love Interest

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Sei Takanashi (Source: thetvdb)

Sei Takanashi

Sei Takanashi is the main protagonist of the ongoing Japanese anime and manga series, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent. Takanashi of the series is popular as the true saint of the magical world, Salutania. However, the news of her being the true saint is not confirmed.

Also, she happens to be a researcher at the Medicinal Flora Research Institute. Besides, she is also a great cook and high-grade healer.

Who are the Voice Actors of Sei Takanashi?

 Japanese Voice Actor

The Japanese voice artist, Yui Ishikawa provided her voice to the character, Sei. Ishikawa from Hyogo Prefecture is currently represented by the agent Mitt Management.

She is renowned for her association with the anime franchise including Fafner in Azure: Exodus, Attack on Titan: Junior High, and The Day I Became a God. Next, she will provide her voice to the anime series, Police in a Pod as Seiko Fuji. Taking about her early career, she started when she was just 6 years old. At the time, she started her journey in the entertainment industry with the theatre company, Himawari Theatre Group in Osaka. After that, she started performing along with a theatre group in Tokyo. After that, she also took musical classes.

Moving forward, in the year 2007, she started her journey as the voice actor in the Sci-fi TV series, Heroic Age. In the series, she voiced the character Dianeira in the series. Following that, she never looked back. She became that part of various anime projects that including Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, Attack on Titan: Junior High, Pokémon: Twilight Wings, and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2.

Last, in 2022, she became part of the dark fantasy anime, Platinum End. In the anime, she contributed her voice to the character, Manami Yumiki. The anime revolves around the concept of choosing the new god from the 13 god candidates. All the god candidates are originally from Japan who was committing suicide to get out of their life which consists of their own monsters. Currently, the anime is completed with 24 episodes.

Besides being a voice actress, she is also a dancer and stage actress. As a dancer, she specializes in various dance forms that include Jazz dance, classical ballet, and tap dance. In addition to that, she has also contributed her voice to different video games. Recently, in 2022, she portrayed the character of Fiorayne in the action role-playing game, Monster Hunter Rise. 

Moving towards her recognitions and awards, she received the 15th Annual Seiyu Awards in the year 2021 for voicing the protagonist, Violent Evergarden in the anime, Violet Evergarden. Prior to that, she received the 8th Seiyu Awards in 2014 as the best-supporting actress.

English Voice Artist

Yui Ishikawa
Yui Ishikawa (Source: Fandom)

The American VA, Celeste Perez voiced Sei Takanashi in the series. Perez has recently made her entry into the industry as a voice artist. Besides the series, she has also contributed her voice to Sakura Kouno in the manga series, Hori san to Miyamura Kun. 

Last, in 2022, she contributed her voice to the romantic comedy anime series, My Dress-Up Darling as Suzuka. The anime is based on the same-named manga and illustrated by the manga artist, Shinichi Fukuda. The manga was first released on the 19th of January 2018 in Square Enix’s Young Gangan. Four years later, in 2022, the anime was released in Tokyo, MX. Currently, the anime has completed 1st season with 12 episodes.

Sei Takanashi- Birth, Age, Family Background, Father, Mother, Siblings

The manga series has not shared any details on her birthdate, and months. However, Takanashi is in her twenties. Also, details on her family background, mother, father, and siblings are not available.

Despite the hidden information, the illustrator of the anime has tried to convey that she is only on her life as she entered a lonely apartment with no family members. To kill her loneliness, she often stops by the office to do some overtime.

Sei Takanashi’s Relationships & Love Interest

Sei Takanashi & Albert Hawke

Takanashi shares a strong romantic bond with Albert Hawke, commander of the Third Order the Knights. The love birds first met with each other when Albert was taking the last breath of his life after a fight against the dragon.

However, she saved Albert’s life of Albert through her high-grade potions. The romantic started budding after when they met each other. Instantly, she fell love in with her appearance including her eye color, hair, and appearance.

Also, Albert shares a mutual feeling for Sei. They also went on an excursion for searching for herbs for making potions. After the excursion, Albert also gave a lift to Sei in the research building too. Soon, they also went to wander around the city which turned out to be a date for both of them.

Albert lifting Sei Takanashi
Albert lifting Sei Takanashi (Source: releasedate)

During the date, they went to some local restaurants for eating some food. Also, Albert held her hand most of the time. Later, Albert gifted her a souvenir at the end of their date which happens to be a hair clip with gems.

Moving forwards, she noticed that gems were of the eye color of the commander. Also, she discovered that the land has amazing customs of presenting gifts to their lovers which consists of the eye color of their lover.

Besides Albert, she shares a wonderful and friendly relationship with other characters including Johan Valdec and  Elizabeth Ashley. 

Sei and Albert Hawke kiss

Being based on a romantic plot, there are plenty of romantic moments that lies with the main characters, Sei and Albert. That includes the first meeting of Sei and Albert where Albert was at the verse of his last moment and Sei saved him by healing or the expeditions they went on.

However, the moment when Albert Kissed Sei on her hand was extremely romantic and magical as well. At the time, she offered some sweets to Albert that she had made for him as the token of thanks for buying her an expensive har po

Sei Takanashi- Power, Magic & Abilities

Healing Power

Heading towards power, she has healing magical abilities. She makes high-grade potions that have the ability to save highly injured people.

Sei Takanashi & her Magical Power
Sei Takanashi & her Magical Power (Source: benigmatica)

Besides that, her healing magic power has the ability to heal people with no limbs giving back their limbs. After that, she healed all the injured armies. During the healing process, she drained her magical power which caused dizziness when she tried to stand up from her chair.

Immense Magical Power

She has immense magical power. While appraising her to calculate her magic power, Yuri Drewes, the most powerful maze of the kingdom could appraise her. While reporting to the king, Seigfried Slantania, he mentioned that the sole reason behind the incident is that she might have higher magical power than him.

In addition to abilities, she is imagining a cook who cooks extremely delicious using special herbs that has the ability to restore physical strength back in people.

Potion Making

She is an extremely talented potioneer and specializes in making potions related to healing. She started making potions at the Flora Research Institute. Thank her dedication to her work and magical powers, she learned to make potions extremely quick. Besides that, the potion that she makes are around 1.5 times stronger than usual potions too.

Sei Takanashi’s Height, Weight & Appearance

She has brown eyes with black long hair. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 3 inches and has a decent weight.

Talking about her appearance, she has a pleasant persona. Usually, she puts on a red dress with blue borders. Also, she wears a doctor’s apron as a researcher. During the initial appearance, she also put on glasses. Apart from that, her regular appearance, she is also shown in various consumes that including a purple gown when she danced with commander Hawke during the dance practice section.

Furthermore, she has a very gentle and charming personality. She talks with every person with dignity and respect. During one of the episodes, she even mentions a donkey as her new friend. Also, helping other people makes her happy to her. Hence, she started reading books about making portions and medicine that can help the hurt armies during their expedition.

Despite that personality, she has a hard and ignorant attitude towards the crown prince, Kyle Slantania who originally summoned her and Airo Misono. At the time, Kyle Slantania truly believed Airo is the true saint and ignored her. As the result, she shares a similar toward the proud and rude prince. For this reason, Kyle’s father, the King, Seigfried Slantania apologized formally in the court of the country.


  • The meaning of Sei Takanashi is Holy little bird.
  • She is a higher magical power than Yuri Drewes, the grand magus of the Magi Assembly.
  • She always had an inner feeling that she is the true saint due to the crazy magic level.
  • Sei also took formal magic education where Yuri became her teacher.


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