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Character: Sajuna Inui Anime Name : My Dress-Up Darling Power : N/A Height : 178 cm Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Pale-pink Eye color: Hazel Partners: N/A Birthday : June 1st, 2005

Sajuna Inui – My Dress-Up Darling

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Sajuna Inui (Source: Pinterest)

Sajuna Inui

Sajina Inui is a 16-year-old student who is an otaku. She involves less with people as she is a kind of introverted girl. She loves to watch anime and read manga a lot. So, it makes her do cosplay and she is very passionate about it. Later, she even asks Gojo to make her cosplay as Marin Kitagawa asked him.


Sajuna Inui (Source: Pinterest)

Sajuna is a small height girl with a height of 178 cm. She has long pale-pink hair which reaches up to her shoulder. Such of her height and appearance has made her look cute.

Inui’s Dress

Sajuna Inui Cosplay (Source: Pinterest)

Most of the time, Inui seems to be wearing a small red skirt, that even does not cover her knees. Adding on, she uses very long shocks. Along with it, she uses to wear a white color shirt which has red trimming on the area of her wrist. To match her fit she wears brown fancy shoes.


Sajuna usually has childish behavior. But, she still possesses strong and blunt nature too. Also, she does not think about others when speaking. Because she speaks harshly around people and loses her temper very quickly. Though, she has childish behavior she hates other looking at her as a child.

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Wakana Gojo, Marin Kitagawa and Sajuna Inui (Source: Pinterest)

Shinji Inui

Shinju is Sajuna younger sister but looks older than her. As of now, she is reading in middle school. Even though she shows up that she does not love her sister from the outside, she loves and cares about her sister in reality.

Wakana Gojo

The first time Sajuna know about Gojo was when she saw the cosplay outfit of Marin which she posted on social media. After it, she started following Gojo without knowing a lot about him. She even took him as her love at first sight. The second person to wear the cosplay created by Gojo was her.

Also, she fainted when Gojo first caught her hand but it was just for scouting the photo location. The incident was probably going to happen, as it was her first time catching the hand of the opposite gender.

Marin Kitagawa

After Sajuna saw the tweet of Marin she actually goes to watch her cosplay of her. At first, she thought that Marin has no idea of cosplay, she only wears the outfits with zero knowledge. Further, when Sajuna goes to see her cosplay, she meets her in person.

It was the time she realized that Marin has good knowledge of cosplay. As well, she realizes that cosplay means a lot to Marin. Later, she even apologized to Marin. But, Marin was confused thinking about what she apologizing for. Moving on, they started doing cosplay together.

Why Sajuna stopped her feelings for Gojo?

Sajuna fall in love with Gojo at first sight. From that time she started having feelings for her. Later, she also goes to Marin cosplay and even starts doing cosplay with her. Which makes her realize that Marin also loves Gojo. So, respecting the feelings of Marin she silently stops to fall for Gojo.


Her first name Sajuna means thread and silk.

Her last name Inui means northwest.

She mainly does cosplay of Magical Girls.

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