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Character: Sagara Sanosuke Anime Name : Rurouni Kenshin Power : N/A Height : 5 feet 10 inch (179 cm) Gender : Male Width : 71 kg Hair color : Brown Eye color: Brown Partners: N/A Birthday : February 18, 1860

Sagara Sanosuke – Rurouni Kenshin

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Sagara Sanosuke (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Sagara Sanosuke?

Sagara Sanouske is a friend of Himura Kenshin. In addition, his real name was Higashidani Sanosuke. Also, he was a member of the Sekiho Army. At that time, he was working as a fighter merchant. He makes his appearance in episode 4 of the series.

Who are the voice actors for Sagara Sanosuke?

Voice Actors of Sagara Sanosuke

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actor, Yuji Ueda. whereas the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actor, Lex Lang.


Appearance of Sagara Sanosuke (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards his appearance, he looks like a man with superhuman strength. The color of his eyes and hair is brown. Most of the time, he seems to be wearing the white happi jacket with Kanji characters. The Kanji character in his jacket indicates evil.

Sagara Sanosuke: Backstory

He had been in the Sekiho army since his youth. He spent a lot of years in the Meiji Revolution. The revolution also turned him into a fighter merchant. As a fighter, he used to keep out his frustration and keep on fighting under the name Zanza.

But he starts to change as soon as he meets Himura Kenshin. As a result, he left fighting as the merchant and also left his feelings aside. Heading on, he has a good friendship with Kenshin and goes on adventures with him.

Who is Sagara Sanosuke’s Love Interest in Rurouni Kenshin?

Sagara Sanosuke and Amakusa Sayo (Source: Pinterest)

Sagara Sanosuke seems to have a love interest in the series. Even more, Amakusa Sayo is the one who falls for him at first. Before falling for him, she was suffering from a disease.

Also, Kenshin was the one who found out that she was suffering from tuberculosis. Anyway, she wants to stop her brother from doing wrong, and she wants to die happily in the arms of Sanosuke.


Sagara Sozo

Sagara Sozo was with Sanosuke in the Sekiho Army. In addition, he always treated Sanosuke as his younger brother. But the Meiji Government made him captain and executed him, calling him a traitor. It was also one of the hardest moments for Sagara Sanosuke.

Himura Kenshin

At first, Sanosuke hates Kenshin a lot. As he hates Ishin-Shishi a lot. Kenshin is also one of the Ishin-Shishi. Thus, he holds a strong grudge against him. Later, he becomes a good friend with Kenshin and ends up going on adventures with him.


Abilities of Sagara Sanosuke (Source: Pinterest)

Though Sanosuke reacts as a very angry person, he does not have abilities. Anyway, he is very good in the combat sector. Even more, he has an immense amount of superhuman strength. Using his strength, he can easily split a tree into halves with his punches and kicks.

Also, the thing that makes him powerful is his herculean toughness. It helps him easily heal from the attacks of the enemy. In addition, by using it, he can let the pain go and stand to battle again very quickly.


• He is afraid of western technologies like deathtraps and cameras.

• Sanosuke is also popular as Zanza.

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