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Character: Ryuu Jusetsu Anime Name : Raven of the Inner Palace Power : Raven Consort's Magic Height : 157 cm Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Silver Eye color: Pink Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Ryuu Jusetsu

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Ryuu Jusetsu (Source: Pinterest)

Ryuu Jusetsu

Ryuu Jusetsu is the Raven Consort now. Raven Consort is a consort in which someone who is chosen stays inside the inner palace.

She is residing in Yamei Palace. Her relatives are of the Ran clan. Even more, her father is unknown as she was given birth by a prostitute in a red light area.

Who are the voice actors of Ryuu Jusetsu?

Japanese voice actress, Saku Mizuno

Saku Mizuno (Source: Pinterest)




























The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress Saku Mizuno. Moving towards her birth date, she was born on Sep 29, 1999, in the Kansai region, Japan. She is also known for providing a voice for anime like Bocchi the Rock!, Osamake, and Selection Project.

American voice actress, Alexis Tipton

Alexis Tipton (Source: IMDb)

The English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress and ADR director Alexis Tipton. Heading towards her birth date, she was born on Aug 11, 1989, in the USA.


Ryuu Jusetsu (Source: Pinterest)

Ryuu is a young girl and looks very beautiful. Her hair is long and she used to tie it. Along with it, she has gold ornaments around her hair. As well, her powers are under her hair. The color of her eye is pink. As she is also from the Ran clan her true hair color is silver. To hide this secret, she dyes her hair black.

Ryuu Jusetsu Dress

Ryuu Jusetsu Dress (Source: Pinterest)

The dress Jusetsu used to wear a black color dress. Her dress seems to be black from her upper dress to the bottom one. Adding on, her dress has the design of flowers in gold color. Along with it, she used to wear a shawl which is made up of silk. On her wrist, she used to have an osmanthus flower.


As she is living in the inner palace which makes her a very mysterious person in the series. Adding on, she seems to be talking in a difficult manner which concludes she might have an arrogant attitude. Whereas, she is a person who is not afraid of people who comes into her thought. Further, she has a strong sense of justice.


Though her father was unknown because she was born a prostitute, she actually belongs to the Ran clan. That let her not involved in the clan. So, she even dyes her hair into another color. At the age of 4, the palace captured her and took her to the inner palace. Since then, she is living at Raven Consort now.

Power and Abilities

Raven Consort’s Magic

Ryuu lives in the inner palace as the Raven Consort. So, she was learning the magic, Consort’s magic. Also, she use to keep her magic below her hair. Additionally, her power is located in pink peonies which she wears on her hair.


  • Her last name Ryuu means willow.
  • The reason her mother gave her the name Jusetsu was her hair turned into a blessing instead of a curse.
  • She hates people making fun of ghosts.

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