Character: RIKO AMANAI Anime Name : JUJUTSU KAISEN Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: grey Partners: N/A Birthday : 1992

RIKO AMANAI- Jujutsu Kaisen

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Who is Riko Amanai?

Riko Amnani is a minor character in Gojo’s Past Arc. Amanai was a junior high school student at Renchoku Girl’s Junior High.

In the series, she is popular as the star plasma vessel for Master Tengen. Riko made her manga on the 65th chapter, Hidden Inventory.

Who is the Voice actor of Riko Amanai?

The voice for Riko Amanai is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Anna Nagase. Nagase is an award-winning voice actress renowned for her roles in the animes including Summer Time Rendering and Yurei Deco as Ushio Kofune and Hack respectively.

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Next, she will be part of the upcoming Japanese horror anime, Uzumaki.

Riko Amanai- Birth, Family, Parents, Background

Riko Amanai was born in the year 1992. In 2006, she was 14 years old. Details regarding her father and mother have been revealed. However, her parents passed away during a car accident when she was just 4 years old.

After the accident, her caretaker, Misato Kuroi took look after her. Despite being only the caretaker for Riko, she loves Riko extremely and treats her like her own family.

What are Star Plasma Vessels?

The concept of the Star Plasma Vesssels is related to the oldest character of Jujutsu Kaisen, Master Tengen who has lived since the Nara Period spreading Japanese Buddhism. They are also responsible for laying the foundation of Jujutsu Sorcerers.

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Master Tengen has the innate technique known as Immortality. This technique grants them eternal life. However, they could not stop aging and forceful evolution into the higher form which has very low self-awareness. In such a case, the being has the probability of being an enemy of humanity.

For preventing this scenario, Star Plasma Vessels basically humans should merge for rewriting the body’s information every 500 years. However, the humans must be a match with the master Tengen for the merger.

Who are Star Plasma Vessels?

Riko and Yuki

In the year 2006, it was found that Riko Amanai is a perfect match for Star Plasma Vessels. Besides Riko, Yuki Tsukumo is also a former Star Plasma Vessel.

Riko Amanai- Personality & Appearance

Riko has grey eyes with black hair color. She has a slim fit body physique. Normally, she wears a school uniform that includes a blue skirt, a white shirt, and brown shoes with black stockings. She also wears a hairband on the top of her head. She has a decent height and weight.

Talking about personality, Riko has erratic behaviors and an outspoken personality. The acts of an agreement to be a star vessel for Master Tegen suggest that she cares about humanity. She always cherishes her personal relationship and does not take it for granted.

Riko Amanai- Death

The arc name Gojo’s Past Arc unfolded the mystery of the death of Riko. As she was selected as the Star Plasma Vessel various organizations were trying to defeat the master Tengen and Jujustu sorcerers after her. They were trying to kill Riko in order to prevent her merger with Tengen.

RIKO AMANAI with Gojo and Geto (Source: rare-gallery)

To keep her safe from such organizations, Suguru Geto and Gojo Satoru escorted her. During that time, she made friends with Geto and Gojo.

However, after the intense battle with Gojo and Geto, Toji Fushiguro from the Zenin Family family killed her by shooting in her head in front of Suguru Geto.

Results of Riko Amnani’s Death

After Riko’s death, Gojo killed Toji Fushiguro using his ultimate technique, Hollow Technique: Purple. The death of Riko created a great impact on the life of Suguru Geto. It become the turning point of his life when he started hating non-sorcerers.

Riko Death (Source: animehunch)

Due to the demise of Star Plasma Vessel, Master Tengen could not merge. The prevention of merging results in the current appearance of Master Tengen which happens to be the evolved form of his past humanity.

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