I'll take it all from you humans too. I'll take everything.
Character: Rien Anime Name : Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Power : Tao Height : 173 cm - 185 cm Gender : Female, Male(through her puppets) Width : N/A Hair color : Violet Eye color: Violet Partners: Jofuku Birthday : April 14

Rien – Hell’s Paradise

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Rien (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Who is Rien in Hell’s Paradise?

Rien is the main antagonist in the series. Adding on, she belongs to the Tensen-class (has completed five trainings for immortality) and is a ruler of Kotaku. Kotaku is an island that is beyond the RyukyRu Kingdom. It is said that the kingdom has the legendary Elixir of Life.

Who are the voice actors for Rien?

Voice Actors of Rien

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actors Yuko Kaida (Yin form) and Junichi Suwabe (Yang form). whereas the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actor, Michelle Rojas.


Appearance of Rien (Source: Tumblr)

In her youth, she had violet eyes and hair. But, after millennia, she became very old. Due to it, she lost her hair. She used to wear a white robe, hanfu, along with hakama.

Rien: Backstory

In the 3rd century, Rien marries a boy whose name is Jofuku. They went on one of the missions to the east with the motive of getting the Elixir of Life. At the time, they end up on the island, where they use their knowledge of Taoism to create different creatures through their experimental creation. Adding on, they did all this in order to get immortality.

From her research, she was able to create a similar clone of herself. Along with it, she creates six other clones, and they are called Tensens. Later, her husband, Jofuku, dies from the disease Arborification. But she denies agreeing to her death and is trying very hard to revive her husband with the help of Tao.

Rien: Relationship and Family


Rien and Jofuku (Source: Dexerto)

Jofuku is the husband of Rien. Also, her husband helped her with her research. Her husband loves her a lot. As a result, she wants to find a way to rescue him no matter what.


Tensens (Source: Sportskeeda)

Adding on, she also has a great attachment to her own creations, Tensens. Even more, she sees the Tensens as her own family.

Who are the seven Tensens Rien created?

Rien is the only Senin who holds the title of Tensens. She was able to make seven synthetic humans from a single puppet, Tao. The seven puppets, Tensens, that she made are Gui Fa, Ju Fa, Mei, Mu Dan, Ran, Tao Fa, and Zhu Jin.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Rien (Source: Wiki-Fandom)


Rien is very intelligent in the field of research. As well, she also has very good knowledge of Taoism. With her intelligence, she was also able to make the prototype of the elixir of immortality.

Physical Abilities

Moving towards her physical abilities, Rien is very strong, along with her intelligence. One example of this is that she was able to handle the fight between Gabimaru and Sagiri.


The Tao Rien has an earth-attribute Tao. Also, she trained for 1000 years on her Tao, which led her to become godlike in her abilities. Adding on, her Tao helps her to sense the presence of others and find their weaknesses as well as their movements.


Rien takes a feather weapon with her. In addition, it is very powerful, as it can blow up opponents. She also got the right arm of Shugen with its help.

Rien’s Quotes

I’ll take it all from you humans too. I’ll take everything.


• Her name, Rien, means lotus flower.

• She has the earth-attribute Tao.


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