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Character: Raiden Tameemon Anime Name : Record of Ragnarok Power : Muscle Control Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Dark Brown Eye color: Black Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Raiden Tameemon- Record of Ragnarok

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Raiden Tameemon (Source: Pinterest)

Raiden Tameemon

Raiden Tameemon is the representative of humans in the Record of Ragnarok.

His birthname is Tarōkichi Seki. He is representing the human race in the fifth round of Ragnarok where he is fighting against lord Shiva. Raiden is renowned for his skills as a sumo wrestler. In sumo wrestling, he is known by the name, Peerless.

Who is the voice actor of Raiden Tameemon?

German-Japanese voice actor, Subaru Kimura

Subaru Kimura (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the German-Japanese voice actor Subaru Kimura. Moving towards his origin, he was born on 29 June 2020 in Blankenburg, East Germany. As of now, he working as an agent for Atomic Monkey. Also, he is famous for providing a voice for anime like Doraemon, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Akudama Drive.


Raiden Tameemon (Source: Pinterest)

Raiden is a man who seems to be physically strong. Adding on, he has a huge amount of power because of which he sends Brunhilde and Göll flying from the sitting position. His hands are also very as he is a sumo wrestler. Moving towards his hair, hair is of dark brown color which he uses to make a ponytail. Whereas, his eyebrow seems to be very sharp.

Raiden Tameemon Dress – Up

Raiden Tameemon Dress (Source: Pinterest)

Being a sumo wrestler he seems to wear a dress like a kind of wrestler. Usually, he only wears shorts of purple in color. Even more, he wears a kneecap of the same color for protection. There are red color linings on his body.


Göll describes Raiden as a person who is very attracted to a female. But, he is very caring towards the words he says. As well, he takes battles and fights very seriously. Later, he starts to wonder how the fights can be fun. Because of this, he joins Humanity’s will for participating in Ragnarok.

Abilities and Power

Raiden Tameemon Power (Source: Dailysia.com)

Godly Strength

His strength quite matches up to the strength of the gods. The proof of it is he was able to make Shiva Stun only with two hits from his hands. Only from it Hindu God of Destruction has blood in his mouth. Even though Shiva was blocking with his four hands, Raiden was able to get the hits.

Super Speed & Reflexes

Adding on, he also has too much speed and reflexes too. When he was fighting against Shiva he rapidly drops kick him in the face and instantly he was able to counter Shiva when Shiva was blowing a punch. Along with this, when he uses the muscle manipulation ability he gains more speed.

Muscle Control

From his childhood, he was able to control his muscle. But, it would break his bone while doing so. Using this, he can gain strength and control it accordingly. Further, by controlling the muscle he can use the power as the defensive or offensive one.


His first name Raiden means thunder.
Raiden’s last name Tameemon means practice.
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