Jin-woo will protect us. Just like how your father protected us
Character: Park Kyung-Hye Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: Gray Partners: Sung II-Hwan Birthday : N/A

Park Kyung-Hye – Solo Leveling

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Park Kyung-Hye (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Park Kyung-Hye?

Park Kyung-Hye is the mother of the main protagonist of the series, Sung Jinwoo. Her husband is also one of the hunters, Sung II Hwan. Adding on, she also has a daughter, whose name is Sung Jinah. Her occupation is that of a housewife. Also, she makes her first appearance in Chapter 2 of the novel as well as in the webtoon series.


Appearance of Park Kyung-Hye (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards her appearance, Kyung-Hye is a middle-aged woman. The color of her hair is black, whereas the color of her eyes is gray. Even more, she has a burn scar on her left side of the neck.

Park Kyung-Hye: Backstory

Before the ten years since the first Double Dungeon incident, her husband, Sung II-Hwan, was trapped in the dungeon. Which concludes for many people that he was dead. whereas she was the only one who did not accept that her husband was dead. Heading on, she started raising her children on her own.

After four years, she suffered from the disease Eternal Slumber. The disease keeps on growing, and she goes into a coma. Before going into a coma, she made a promise to Jinwoo to look after her sister, Sung Jinah.

Kyung-Hye was the reason for Jinwoo becoming a hunter

Jinwoo as Hunter (Source: Twitter)

Jinwoo, as a brother, loves her sister, Sung Jinah, a lot. Adding on, his mother also told him to look after her. As Kyung-Hye goes into a coma, there is no one to look after her as her father is also trapped in a dungeon. So, in order to earn money and complete the promise with his mother, Jinwoo started his journey as a hunter. He even risked his life and was saved from several dying moments.

Does Park Kyung-Hye die in the series or return from a coma?

Park Kyung-Hye in coma (Source: Pinterest)

As Kyun-Hye was suffering from the disease, she was in a coma. She will not die; she will be returning from the coma. After returning from coma, she asked Jinwoo how Sung Jinah was and whether he had completed the promise or not. While she was in a coma, there was no one to look after her. As a result, she worries about Sung Jinah after she comes back to normal from a coma.

Even more, she is cured of the disease Eternal Slumber. The doctor wanted to keep Kyun-Hye more in the hospital, but they realized that her son is an S-Rank hunter. After realizing it, she was discharged immediately and returned home the next day. Thus, Kyung-Hye was discharged, and she has reunited with Sung Jinah.

Kyung-Hye cannot meet her husband as he dies

Death of Sung II Hwan (Source: CBR)

After her disease was cured, she still believed that her husband was still alive. Adding on, she also rejects Sung Jinah’s request to move out. Heading on, Sung-II Hwan dies after using much of his strength in his battle against Frost Monarch.

Later, Kyung-Hye also finds out that her husband is dead. As soon as she finds it, she and Jinah move to the old apartment. whereas her son was still alive and returned home.

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