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Character: Okita Souji Anime Name : Fate/Grand Order Power : Mind's Eye Height : 158 cm Gender : Female Width : 45 kg Hair color : White Eye color: Yellow Partners: N/A Birthday : 1840 (21 years old)

Okita Souji of Fate/Grand Order

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Okita Souji (Source: Pinterest)

Okita Souji

Okita Souji is a character from the mobile game, Fate Grand Order. She falls under the Class Saber, which actually is a class for the knights and those who use the sword. Adding on, she is working as a servant for Kohaku. Further, she comes into existence because of Ritsuka Fujimaru as she is the one who summoned her.

Who is the voice actor of Okita Souji?

Japanese voice actress, Aoi Yabusaki

Aoi Yabusaki (Source: Twitter)

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese actress, voice actress, and singer, Aoi Yabusaki. Moving to her origin, she was born on March 27, 1992, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. As of now, she is working for Aoni Productions.

Her musical career started in 2012. Besides, mobile games she has also provided her voice for anime like Erased, My Hero Academia, and Rent-A-Girlfriend. At the 6th Seiyuu Awards, she won the Best Actress Award.


Okita Souji (Source: Pinterest)

Okita seems like a small young girl. The color of her hair is white. Her appearance even somehow looks like a cute Japanese girl.

Okita Souji – Dress

Okita Souji Dress (Source: Pinterest)

The color code of her dress is red and black. The color of her kimono is black which is small in the size. Along with it, she wears a long scarf. With a such dress, she wears long boots too.


Her way of origin has made her like a newly born baby. As a result, she even cannot speak like a baby. Also, she is like an emotionless person because of the Counter Force. Though she is very aggressive and has can kill anyone attitude, she is very loyal and dedicated to her master.



The power of Okita in Combat is very good. We can see it in her fight with Mori Nagayoshi. In which, she leaves powerful blows.

Mind’s Eye

This ability of her which allows her to predict the coming dangers. But, it stands just as her natural talent. We can even say it is her sixth sense.

Reduced Earth

The Reduced Earth is a kind of technology that allows the user to shorten the distance between the user and the opponent. Many people following martial arts try to get this ability.


Oda Nobunaga

The relationship between them started when they compete with each other in Holy Grail War. After all, it creates a good relationship between them. Although, she was one of the good opponents for Oda.

Kanata Akagi

At first, the relationship between them was like a normal one. They get along with each other quite well at Fate/type Redline. Additionally, she has good love and cares for her master. Moreover, she has normal attention when Kanata told her that her real master in real-time is Tsukumo Fujimiya.

Li Shuwen

Likewise, Oda, starts to get along with each other since they have competition with each other at Holy Grail War.


• The Haori she wears on 3rd Sprite is a type is Shinsengumi Haori.
• Her weight is 45 kg.

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