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Character: Nurugai Anime Name : Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku Power : Water-attribute Tao Height : 4 feet 6 inches (138 cm) Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: N/A Partners: N/A Birthday : December 25

Nurugai – Hell’s Paradise

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Nurugai (Source: Crunchyroll)


Nurugai is a Sanka tribe member who used to live in the mountains. Adding on, as she was a member of the Sanka tribe, she was mistakenly arrested for a crime. Also, she was sentenced to death because she was a criminal.

Later, she joins the expedition team, and she has to compete against them to find the Elixir of Life. Even more, if she was able to get it by competing against other death row convicts, she would be pardoned for her crimes.

Who are the voice actressess of Nurugai?

Voice Actress of Nurugai

The Japanese voice for the character is contributed by the Japanese voice actress, Makoto Koichi. whereas the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actress, Cassie Ewulu.


Appearance of Nurugai (Source: Twitter)

Nurugai’s appearance is quite similar to that of a male or female. But it was clear that she was a female when she was undressed. As well, she has long, black, messy hair. Also, she ties her hair above her head.

Though she is a girl, she has a muscular body. Adding to that, she wears scrappy clothes without sleeves. Along with it, she uses bandages around her wrists.

Nurugai: Backstory

Nurugai was raised in the mountains with her grandfather. Also, the people of her village were rebelling against the current shogunate. The reason was that they were refusing to submit to Tokugawa. So, the samurai were sent in order to find the tribe called Emishis. One day, Nurugai finds a group of men who ask her how to get to her village and about its security.

Later, she realized they were samurais, which led to the mass killing of her village. After it, she was the only remaining member of her village. Adding on, the samurai also arrested her in order to know the location of other Sanka settlements, and they wanted to kill her after she provided the location.

Who invited Nurugai to join the mission in search of the Elixir of Life?

Nurugai and Tenza (Source: Latest Anime News)

Heading on, during her imprisonment, she was able to meet Yamada Asaemon Tenza. Tenza, after hearing her story, finds out that she was innocent and that she deserves to live. As a result, Tenza invites Nurugai to join the expedition, which can pardon her crimes.

Also, Tenza even sacrificed his life in order to save Nurugai while Zhu Jin was about to attack Norugai. Due to his sacrifice, Shion and Norugai were able to run away.

Power and Abilities

Nurugai Power and Abilities (Source: Game Rant)

Physical Abilities

Being born in the mountains, she is quite stronger. Her muscular body also indicates that she has done a lot of hard training.


Norugai is also good at kenjutsu, as she is able to use the sword. As well, she even helped Tenza slash the tentacles of Wadatsumi.


Moving on, Tenza also has the water attribute Tao. She can use it to sense the Tao of monsters. Even more, she was able to sense the Tao of the monster created by Zhu Jin.


• Nurugai’s birthday is on Christmas Day.

• She uses the sword that Tenza gave her.

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