The hope of our futsal club, Yukimaru Kurama.
Character: Natsuki Sogo Anime Name : Futsal Boys!!!!! Power : N/A Height : 179 cm Gender : Male Width : 62 kg Hair color : Yellow Eye color: Green Partners: N/A Birthday : August 21

Natsuki Sogo

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Natsuki Sogo (Source: Pinterest)


Natsuki Sogo is a student at Momomi High School. As of now, he is reading in his third year. He also plays for Momomi Futsal Club from the position of Pivo. A pivot is also called a forward player in futsal. Most of the girls in his school like him.



Mizuki Chiba (Source: YouTube)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Mizuki Chiba. Mizuki was born on February 26 in Miyagi, Japan. As well, he is also known for providing a voice for the anime number24.


Natsuki Sogo (Source: Pinterest)

Natsuki Sogo is a very good-looking boy with 179 cm of height and 62 kg of weight. Also, he has yellow hair and green color of eyes. Because of his attractiveness, many girls fall for him. We can also watch it in the 8th episode of the series. Further, many girls were present only to watch him play.


Natsuki Sogo Dress (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Sogo wears the jersey of Momomi Futsal Club while playing futsal. His jersey is yellow in color with Momo marking. Also, he wears a jersey with the number 7. Whereas, while out of the field he used to wear different types of fancy dress. In addition, the dress he used to wear is also known as Nachhan.


Momomi Futsal Club (Source: Pinterest)

He is actually a member of the Momomi Futsal Club. Also, the club is a group of third years students and Yukimaru Kurama studying at Momomi High School. Further, Yukimaru is the only player who is reading in the first year. Among all the members, he only experienced player. The member and position are:

Name Position
Nozomi Komori pivo, captain
Natsuki Sogo pivo
Kyosuke Aiba golerio
Rio Hanamura pivo
Yukimaru Kurama fixo


Nozomi Komori

Natsuki is usually friends with everyone due to his friendly nature. But, he has a very good bond with Nozomi Komori. Heading on, Sogo is usually a person who needs to have someone’s attention and care for him. But, Nozomi is different than him as he is confident and cool. That generally has made their bonding very good. Adding on, Natsuki used to make fun of Nozomi.

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Natauki Sogo actually was not interested in futsal. But, he was a good friend of Nozomi since junior high. So, one day Nozomi invites him to play futsal. Also, Sogo accepts the invitation and tries the futsal thinking that it would be fun to play with Nozomi. Which made him become one of the members of the Momomi Futsal Club.


• His first name Natsuki meaning is Summer.

• His last name Sogo means river.


• The star sign of Sogo is a star.

• He used to wear fancy dresses.

• In karaoke, he has very good ability.

• He likes to hang around a mass of people.

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