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Character: Miri Unasaka Anime Name : Buddy Daddies Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Female Width : N/A Hair color : Brown Eye color: Brown Partners: N/A Birthday : November 8

Miri Unasaka – Buddy Daddies

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Miri Unasaka (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Miri Unasaka?

Miri Unasaka stands as the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series, Daddy Buddies. As of now, she is 4 years old. Though, she is a kid she is very brave and courageous. Kazuki and Rei are taking care of her as real parents because of the assassination of her father.

Miri’s Personality and Appearance

Miri Unasaka (Source: Pinterest)

Miri is a short girl with a large brown color of eyes. Even more, the color of her hair is also brown. Most of the time she seems to be wearing an orange turtle neck with a sweatshirt.

Moving towards her personality, Miri is a very happy and brave kid. She becomes cheerful even she is in a dangerous situation. Most of the time she is involved in a situation that is not safe for a kid. Adding on, she is very friendly with people and easily gets attached to the people around her.

Who is the real father and mother of Miri Unasaka?

Real Parents of Miri Unasaka

As of now, in the series, Kazuki and Rei are taking care of Miri. Whereas, Miri’s real dad‘s name is Atsuhisi Hayami. Her real father was involved in the act of human trafficking as a broker. But, he dies at the age of 32 when Miri was going to meet him in the hotel.

Whereas, the name of her real mother is Misaki Unasaka. Her mother is working as a singer at Snack Stardust Bar. Even more, she was also the mistress of the boss of her father.

How Miri met Kazuki and Rei?

Miri’s father left her before she was born. So, her mother raised her until she becomes 4 years old. Then, on the day of Christmas eve her, Miri’s mother sent her in order to find her father with the photo of them three together. Miri rushes to the hotel, Rei and Kazuki were on a mission to the assassination of her father. Adding on, Miri was in trouble during the time of the assassination. As a result, Kazuki and Rei rescued Miri. It was the first time, they met each other.

Then, Kazuki told that he is her father to fake the remaining henchmen of her father. Whereas, Rei was waiting for the opportunity to kill those henchmen. After that day, Kazuki takes Miri with them and becomes her adoptive father.


Kazuki Kurusu

Miri Unasaka and Kazuki Kurusu (Source: Pinterest)

Kazuki is the one who rescues her claiming that he is her father. Even more, he always talks to and takes care of Miri. Also, he cooks and manages the household work at Rei’s house. Miri usually calls her Kazuki papa.

Rei Suwa

Miri Unasaka and Rei Suwa (Source: Pinterest)

Miri says that fathers are those who save their children in difficulties. This made him realize father and son relations and he also lets Miri call him papa. As a result, Miri often calls him Rei papa.


• The name of Miri has no Katakana. So, her name can give varieties of meanings.

• The Japanese voice for her is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Hina Kino.

• The English voice for her is contributed by the American voice actor, Emi Lo.


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