Minato Kiyomizu
Character: Minato Kiyomizu Anime Name : Minato Kiyomizu Power : N/A Height : 5 feet and 7 inches Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Russet Eye color: Fiord Partners: CHINU KAWAKUBO Birthday : 19980728

Minato Kiyomizu- Re-Main | Minato Kiyomizu Age | Minato Kiyomizu Relationship| Minato Height

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Minato Kiyomizu

The high school boy, Minato Kiyomizu is the main protagonist of the Japanese anime series, Re-Main. Minato is renowned as a former water polo player who quit playing the sport in the series.

Currently, he happens to be a member of Yamanami High’s Water Polo Club. In the series, Kiyomizu lost his memory of the last three years during an accident, which led him to a coma for 203 days.

Find Who Are the Voice Actors of Minato Kiyomizu?

The voice actor, Yūto Uemura is currently playing the character. The actor and also singer Uemura is currently affiliated with the Himawari Theatre Group. Apart from Minato, he is famous for playing the character, Amajiki Tamaki in the superhero anime series, My Hero Academia.

Heading towards the English dubbed version, Robbie Daymond contributed the voice to the character, Minato. His full name is Robert Daymond Howard and from Chesterfield, Missour. Daymond is highly acclaimed for his work in animated TV series including Infinity Train, The Superior Spider-Man, and the Eight Brother. 

His upcoming TV miniseries, Obi-Wan Kenobi is in the stage of post-production. The LA-based voice actor is currently represented by the full-service commercial talent agency, SBV Talent. 


Yuto Uemura
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Minato’s Identity Crisis

Minato has a dual personality in the series; one being nicer and another being self-centered will an ill manner. After coming back from the coma, his personality was quite gentle, and shares an emotional bond with his fellow teammates and family members. In addition to that, He also cared a lot about them in each and every manner.

However, all those statements are not when it comes to Minato prior to the coma. The illustrator has represented him as an extremely gifted water polo player will lots of ego on them. As a result, he also used to think highly of himself and hurt his fellow teammates with his bad comments.

Minato Kiyomizu Age- Birth, Family Background, Mother, Father, Siblings

Minato was born on the 28th of July to Taeko (mother) and Hideko (father). Both of his parents; Tarko and Hideko run a family souvenir shop named Memory Shop Kiyomizu. His current age has not been disclosed yet at the moment, however, considering his age, he is in his teen days.

Minato Kiyomizu Playing Water Polo (Source: CBR)

Besides his parents, he also has a younger sister named Asumi with whom he shares a very strong sibling bond. Furthermore, he is also an alumna of Yamanami High School.

Family Drama & Bond

When Minato regained his memory after the coma, he became rude toward his family members. One night during dinner, he backlashed his mother and pointed her as the culprit after the accident and all his suffering.

Apart from that, he also hurt his younger sister, Asumi with his words. As a result, she wished he never had regained his memory after his coma as she loved the loving, caring, and gentle Minato.

Minato’s passion for Water Polo, Accident & Family Drama

Since his early days, he is highly passionate when it comes to playing the sport. Besides that, Minato happens to be the star athlete in the game during his junior high days. However, he lost everything during an accident.

Minato Kiyomizu and his teamates
Minato Kiyomizu and his teammates (Source: Twitter)

Still, his mother, Taeko feels guilty for driving when the accident took place. After the accident, he went into a coma for 203 days and lost his memory of 3 years. At the moment, he lost his memory of his teammates, junior school days, and even his passion for the game. Besides that, he also forgets his skills related to water polo.

Also, his family never tried to recall his past with the games.

Minato Kiyomizu- Love Interest, Relationship

Moving toward his love life, Minato is deeply in love with Chinu Kawakubo. Chinu Talking about the lovebirds, they have water polo as a common element. She is a highly celebrated water polo player in the media.

Apart from being the love of life, Chinu is also an inspiration behind his love and passion for the game. Actually, they have a bet with each other that Chinu will go on a date with him if Minato became the top water polo player in the nation. Otherwise, Minato would pay her eleven thousand yen.

Minato and Chinu
Chinu Kissing Minato (Source: YouTube)

After losing his memory, he was unable to win the bet. However, the love of his life blessed Minato with a second chance by doubling the bet amount. Overall, he has a sweet and salty relationship with Minato.

Who Does Minato Kiyomizu End up with?

As of now, the news is confirmed yet by the illustrator of the anime series whether Minato will end up with Chinu or someone else. Besides that, the illustrator gave a small twist regarding the love life of Minato.

It appears that Chinu has a side in her heart that hates the hero of the series, Minato. The sole reason behind it was his arrogant behavior toward his old water polo teammates. Among his teammates, Chinu’s elder brother-like personality was one. Due to his arrogant behavior as the star player, he had to quit the water polo.

After that, Minato had the audacity to ask Chinu out, however, Minato was totally unaware of all those time. Also, he bet with her that she would get out if he become the country’s number one water polo player. As a result, she developed the hatred towards him.

Despite this chaotic situation, her heart turned soft when found out about Minato’s accident. In addition to that, her senior brother-like personality is now happy with his current context as he has a very good tennis player after leaving the water polo team. Considering all these facts, there is a higher probability that Minato will eventually end with Chinu.

Minato Kiyomizu’s Bond With His Teammates

As mentioned earlier, Minato has two different personalities prior to the accident and after the car accident. He formed the water polo team after his car accident. At the time, he had developed a very gentle relationship with all his teammates that including Eitaro Oka, Jo Jojima, Shugi Amihama, Takekazu Ejiro, Yutaka Babayar Inomata, and Yoshiharu Ushimado.

As a team, they had an interesting time with each other during their practice session. In addition, they also shared their deepest and darkest secrets. At the time, Minato shared that he is extremely afraid of remembering his past prior car accident as his doctor told him that in this case, there was a higher chance that he would lose his present memory.

After regaining his past memory, the character of Minato turned 180 degrees where he was quite arrogant in nature. As a result, he said mean things to his teammates, and his skills as a water polo player. Also, he left the water polo team. However, eventually he was compelled to join the team again as his former coach, Akimitsu Bizen due to the skills difference that he and his previous team has at the moment.

His behavior change a little bit when he saw all the videos that he made during his practice session with his teammates.

Minato Kiyomizu’s Height, Weight & Appearance

He has Fiord-colored eyes with Russet hair color. His height is 5 feet and 9 inches. As a middle student, he is often featured in college dress. However, he also looks cool in his casual dress. Also, he has a lean body type.

As a member of the Yamanami High School water polo player, he puts the white with is color coordinated with the blue color. The track also has an embedded logo with the letter, STRANGE which was originally meant to be the word CHANGE. The primary agent of the water polo uniform is to make them feel like one in spite of having different personalities and strengths as a person.

Minato Kiyomizu- Swimming Skills

Kiyomizu is the most skilled swimmer on the team and an expert in water polo. After the car crash, he was totally unaware of his capability as a water polo player and hence, he had to start from the beginning. At the time, his old video recording from his former coach helped him a lot. He used to look at all those videos and practice like in his old days.

Regarding his other skills, he can jump the highest during the match. Using this skill, he was able to turn the first prefecture game around and made the entire group the winner.

Apart from that, he is an extremely talented and gifted strategist when it comes to the game. He always gave good advice to his teammates to improve their skills as a water polo player. However, he used to give advice in a rude manner.


  • Minato has a serious crush on Chinu however Chinu is not his GF.
  • His former coach, Akimitsu Bizen refused to let him join his previous water polo team.
  • He rejoined Yamanami High’s Water Polo Club to be Japan’s Number Water Polo Player.


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