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Character: Mask De Masculine Anime Name : Bleach Power : The Superstar and Quincy Volständing Height : 200 cm Gender : Male Width : 184 kg Hair color : N/A Eye color: Brown Partners: N/A Birthday : October 20th

Mask De Masculine

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Mask De Masculine (Source: Pinterest)

Mask De Masculine

Mask De Masculine is a Quincy and is affiliated with Wanderich’s Sternritter. He is masculine in nature and holds strength all from his body. Further, he is also known as S which actually means The Superstar.

Who is the voice actor of Mask De Masculine?

Japanese voice actor, Yasuhiro Mamiya

Yasuhiro Mamiya (Source: Episode Calendar)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Yasuhiro Mamiya. Heading towards his birth date, Yasuhiro was born on December 7, 1981, in Chiba, Japan. Besides, Bleach he has also provided his voice for anime like Dr. Stone, Baki Hanma, and SK8 the Infinity.


Mask De Masculine (Source: Pinterest)

Mask seems to be a very muscular person. Adding on, the color of his eyes is brown. Also, he even has a mustache which is of blonde color. Even more, he wears a mask with a red color star in it. Furthermore, he has height of 200 cm.

Mask De Masculine Dress

Mask De Masculine Dress (Source: Zerochan)

Mostly, Mask wears the Sternritter uniform. His uniform consists of yellow and red-orange colors. Whereas, he also wears boots and gloves which are red in color. Along with it, he also wears a wrestling champion’s belt like a wrestling player.


Moving towards his personality, he seems to be a person who doesn’t use the brain too much. The actual reason can be he does not know that Shinigami can too do Bankai. In most things, he seems to be dull. Anyway, he is a very good person when it comes to friendship. Though, he is the villain of the series, he himself thinks of himself as a hero.

The events and battle in which we can see Mask De Masculine

Renji Abarai vs Mask De Masculine (Source: Wiki-Fandom)


Event Name Chapter
Fall of the Seireitei 495, 496, 502
Rise of Uryū Ishida 453


Participants  Chapter 
Byakuya Kuchiki vs Äs Nödt 495, 496, 502
Mask vs Kensei Muguruma and Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi 560, 561
Mask vs Renji Abarai 561, 562, 563, 564


Power and Abilities

The Superstar

His power and strength can relevantly grow if he has someone to cheer for him. As well, this power makes him heal and regenerate from every damage he takes. Further, while using this power the mask he wears also changes color to black. Even more, with the help of this power, he has even defeated the two Bakai-wielding Shinigami captains.

Quincy Vollständing

This is another power that generates his Mask into a star shape. Along with it, while using this power he also has small wings at his back. Further, using it he can even fly at more heights with the more increased speed.

Reishi Manipulation

Like other villains of the series, he also absorbs spiritual energy. Adding on, with that energy, he can make various weapons that can aid him in battles. Additionally, at the places like Soul Society, he can easily absorb the energy.

Expert Hand-to-hand combat

Being a qualitative wrestler he is too good in close and hand combat. Likewise, in wrestling, he uses frequent wrestling moves in the battles. Similarly, in battles he generally uses drop kicks and elbow slams.


• His subordinate name is James.

• Mask also fight with Renji Abarai.

• James is immortal until Mask is alive.

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