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Character: Marin Kitagawa Anime Name : My Dress-Up Darling Power : N/A Height : 164 cm Gender : Female Width : Around 50 kg Hair color : Blonde with pink edges Eye color: Dark Pink Partners: N/A Birthday : March 5

Marin Kitagawa – My Dress-Up Darling

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Marin Kitagawa (Source: Pinterest)

Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa is a female protagonist of the Japanese anime series, My Dress-Up Darling. As of now, she is a student and reading along with Wakano Gojo. Her hobby includes cosplaying, watching anime, and shopping. Even more, her goal is to become a cosplayer.
You can also various things about her in the description box below:

Marin Kitagawa Description
Age 15
Height 164 cm
Weight Around 50 kg
Birthday March 5
Voice Actress Hina Suguta and AmaLee


Who is the voice actress of Marin Kitagawa?

Japanese voice actress, Hina Suguta

Hina Suguta (Source: Twitter)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Hina Suguta. Moving to her origin, she was born on April 17, 1995, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. As of now, she is working as an agent for Amino Produce. She is also famous for providing her voice for anime like Kotaro Lives Alone and After lost.

American singer, YouTuber, and voice actress, Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee (Source: Pinterest)

The American voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actress Amanda Lee. Heading towards her origin, she was born on March 13, 1992. She is also known as AmaLee. Adding on, she is also present on the platform, Twitch. Besides, My Dress-Up Darling is also known for providing her voice for anime like One Piece, Black Clover and Fruits Basket.


Marin Kitagawa (Source: Pinterest)

Marin is a young girl but looks very tall 164 cm in height. The color of her hair is Blonde with pink edges whereas the color of her eyes is Dark Pink. Adding on, she has multiple ear piercings which or silver and white in color.

Marin Kitagawa – Dress

Marin Kitagawa Dress (Source: Pinterest)

At school, she usually wears a school uniform which is white in color. Along with it, she wears a light blue color of skirt whose length is up to her knees. Also, she wears a tie of grey color. Further, she used to polish her nail with pink color nail polish.

Cosplay Dress of Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa Cosplay (Source: Pinterest)

For her cosplay, she wears a black wig and a violent tint to match it. Adding on, she makes new eyelashes that are actually fake ones. Along with it, she wears red color lipstick. As well, she even has the eye lens as the color of the tint. In the upper part, she wears a cap with three roses on it.

To do the Black Lobelia cosplay outfit, she has a wig of silver-white color up to her hips. Whereas, in this dress, she wears the red color of contact lenses. Even more, she wears a military cap along with a military jacket for doing this cosplay. Adding on, she also wears long gloves.


Marin seems to be a very messy type of person. But, she is very mature and realizes different things too. Adding on, she is an otaku who is very into anime. She is a very happy and helpful person and helps Wakana a lot. As well, she suggests he stand up and do the things that he likes too.


• Her mother passes away so she is living with father
• Her last name Kitagawa means northern river

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