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King Leonidas – Record of Ragnarok

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Who is King Leonidas?

King Leonidas in Real Life (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards history, King Leonidas was the Greek king of the Greek city-state of Sparta. Even more, he is also one of the descendants of the demigod Hercules. Adding on, he was able to put his name in the history of the legendary battle of Thermopylae in ancient Greece.

In the battle, he had only 300 warriors from Sparta and died, making a heroic last stand against about 100,000 Persians. This creates a brave image of him, and he was called a legend. He provides an example that Spartans never surrender.

Who is King Leonidas in the Record of Ragnarok?

King Leonidas is from the Human Representatives, who will be fighting in the 9th Round of Ragnarok. Adding on, in the 9th round, he will be fighting against Apollo.

He is often called Human History’s Mightiest Rebel as he turned against the gods and disregarded the oracles. He will make his first appearance in Chapter 78 of the series.


Appearance of King Leonidas (Source: Reddit)

As Leonidas is a Spartan, he looks very tall and muscular in appearance. Adding to that, he has multiple scars on his body and face. Even more, he used to have a beard similar to a goatee.

Before the battle in his quarters, he was wearing the Hawaiian shirt and glasses too. Whereas, in the battle, he wears clothes that look similar to those of a military soldier.


Leonidas has a belief and sees himself as the strongest fighter. When Brunhilde was calling him to go, he said that he wanted to go on the last round of Ragnarok. Even more, he holds such a grudge against the gods. The reason is unknown, but he holds a grudge against Apollo. As he hears that his fight will be against Apollo, he instantly agrees that he will be fighting in the 9th Round of Ragnarok.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Leonidas (Source: Tumblr)

Physical Abilities

King Leonidas has superhuman abilities. Adding on, Brunhilde also says that he can be the one after 7 million years to defeat Apollo. He has also managed to lead 300 Spartans against 100,000 Persians and fight without admitting defeat. His physical ability has made him to stand still among the 300 Spartans.

Speed and reflex

He is not as fast as Apollo in the battles, but he is still capable of performing reflexes in the fights. The first attack in the battle left all the people shocked, as it was so fast. Anyway, Apollo easily attacked him with his counterattack.


When it comes to endurance, he has very good endurance in battles. A better example of this are the many scars on his face as well as his body. It reflects that he had so many injuries that they were not enough to kill him.

Trained Spartan warrior

He has been learning combat and fighting since his birth. The training of the Spartan includes heavy lifting as well as hard training, which is why he has a muscular appearance. As a result, he has a good experience of handling the close combats and battle.



Shield of Leonidas (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

While fighting in Ragnarok, he seems to be using the aspis shield. It is mostly used by the Spartans during their battles. whereas it is not confirmed whether it is his Völunder or not.

Which Valkyrie can he use for his Volunder?

King Leonidas and Göll (Source: Reddit)

It is not confirmed that the Valkyrie will be teaming up in order to fight with Apollo. But we expect that he can use two Valyries in the battle. One for the attacking weapons, and one for the shield.

As King Leonidas is holding the shield, he could be using Göll as his vole. Even more, Göll’s body cannot be harmed by the use of any mortal weapons. Also, she was with Brunhilde when she was going to call for King Leonidas. As a result, we can assume that she can be one of the Völunder while King Leonidas is fighting against Apollo.

Leonidas has a grudge against the gods.

Leonidas usually has a grudge against the gods, especially Apollo. He certainly becomes angry and accepts to take part in the 9th round of Ragnarok, as she hears that Apollo will be fighting in that round. As well, he says that he likes only three things in the world. The three things he likes include laying on a hammock, eating Spartan cheese with his own hands, and breaking the noses of arrogant idiot gods.

With the things he likes, it is clear that he hates the gods. Thus turning against the gods, he is also known as “Human History’s Mightiest Rebel. The exact reason for it has not been mentioned in the series until now. Adding on, he will be fighting with more motivations as he hates and has a grudge against the gods.

Can King Leonidas win against Apollo?

It will be very difficult for Leonidas to win the battle against Apollo. But Brunhilde has said that Leonidas is the only person who can beat Apollo after 7 million years. Even more, he must use the power of Valkyrie in order to win over her. His own power will not be enough to beat Apollo.

The speed of Apollo is way greater than that of Leonidas. Anyway, he has a historical moment, winning with the 300-strong army of Spartans. So, his power of willing to win can make the changes in his battle with Apollo, and he can become the winner of the battle. whereas it will be one of the most interesting battles of Ragnarok. As well, fans are eagerly waiting for the 9th Round of Ragnarok.


• Leonidas has the golden age ability, which allows him to maintain his appearance as well as his skills.

• He loves smoking cigars. In the 9th round of Ragnorak, he was smoking cigars.

• King Leonidas is 2300+ in age.

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