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Character: Kenichirou Ryuuzaki Anime Name : Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Black (Dyed Blonde) Eye color: Olive-brown Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Kenichirou Ryuuzaki – Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

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Kenichirou Ryuuzaki (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Kenichirou Ryuuzaki?

Kenichirou Ryuuzaki is the old friend of the main protagonist of the series, Akira Tendo. Also, he is one of the survivors during the zombie apocalypse.

Even more, he used to work as a real estate salesman. In addition, he makes his first appearance in episode 3 of the series.

Who are the voice actors of Kenichirou Ryuuzaki?

Voice Actors of Kenichirou Ryuuzaki

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Makoto Furukawa. Whereas, the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actor, Xander Mobus.


Appearance of Kenichirou Ryuuzaki (Source: Pinterest)

Moving toward appearance, he is a very tall boy with a good muscular body. Also, he has black hair, which he has changed to blonde. So, the hair on the sides is still black.

Whereas, the color of his eye is olive-brown. Overall, he seems to be a very handsome boy. Most of the time, he wears a shirt with pink pants. As well, he unbuttons his shirt and shows his body.


The backstory of Ryuuzaki has not been revealed in the series until now. But we can see the past days of his life, where we can see the good friendship he had with Akira Tendo. Also, they both have misunderstandings between them and do not talk for long periods of time.

But, during the zombie apocalypse, he was in the love hotel with a number of girls. At that time, he calls Akira, and in a few minutes, Akira reaches the hotel. As well, Akira manages to save him from the zombies there.

Love Interest

Beatrix and Ryuuzaki (Source: AnimOtaku)

We have seen that Ryuuzaki is after a number of girls. Even more, he has good flirting skills too. As a result, he can easily divert the girl into having a good relationship.

Though he has such behaviors, he tends to fall in love in the series. He even starts to have a love interest in Beatrix. Besides, they are also good friends with each other. They seem to have the same type of personality.


Shizuka Mikazuki

Shizuka and Ryuuzaki (Source: Anime Corner)

Shizuka Mikazuki and he were able to meet each other because of Akira Tendo. Even more, he also helped Akira save Shizuka’s life from the shark, which was turned into a zombie.

So, after that, they form a group in order to survive together. As a result, he also becomes a good friend with Shizuka.


Maki and Ryuuzaki (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Maki is a very beautiful girl. In addition, Ryuuzaki meets Maki in the shopping mall. At that time, they find a way to lock the shutter and stay there, sharing talks with each other.

During that time, Akira drinks a lot and goes to sleep. Whereas, Ryuuzaki has a good conversation with Maki. Also, he has had sex with her multiple times. Later, Reika comes and bites Maki, and she also turns into a zombie.


  • His first name, Kenichirou, means cheerful.
  • His surname, Ryuuzaki, means dragon.

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