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Character: Ka Koushun Anime Name : Raven of the Inner Palace Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: Dark Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Ka Koushun

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Ka Koushun (Source: Pinterest)

Ka Koushun

Ka Koushun is an emperor of a place, Shou of the Japanese anime series, Raven of the Inner Palace. He belongs to the ka dynasty. Also, he is one of the good emperors as he follows rules and regulations accordingly. He has a sister named Princess Skylark from his stepmother.

Who are the voice actors of Ka Koushun?

Japanese voice actor, Masaaki Mizunaka

Masaaki Mizunaka (Source: Nautiljon)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor Masaaki Mizunaka. Moving to his birth date, he was born on January 20, 1990, in Yamaguchi, Japan. Further, he is also known for providing a voice for anime like Classroom of the Elite, Mushoku Tensei, and Tokyo Revengers.

English voice actor, Christopher Wehkamp

Christopher Wehkamp (Source: IMDb)

The English voice for the character is provided by the American voice actor, Christopher Wekhamp. Heading towards his birth date, he was born on Feb 25, 1979, in Georgia, USA. As well, he is also known for providing a voice for anime like One Piece, The Prince of Tennis, and Fairy Tail.


Ka Koushun (Source: Pinterest)

Though Koushun is the emperor, in reality, he is young in his age and very tall. Adding on, he has black hair with dark eyes. Further, he looks like his mother. Which has made him look cute too as his mother was known because of her beauty.

Ka Koushun Dress

Ka Koushun Dress (Source: Zerochan)

Being an emperor, he wears a dress like the traditional Chinese people used to wear. His dress consists of Blue color the outer. Further, he used to make a ponytail for his hair. Sometimes, he wears a similar dress but with black color and gold lining.


Most of the time, Koushun seems to be a very serious man. Because of his facial expression, it is very hard to find out about his mood. Also, he hates those people who break tradition and do as they want. Actually, he cares about the people a lot even though he seems to be serious and rude to the face.


The only he was made the prince of the emperor is when the son of the Emperor, unfortunately, died at a young age. His mother was in the inner palace and was under harassment. At that time, he does not have enough power to stop that too. As a result, he chooses to abandon his mother. When he reached 13 years old he became the prince of the emperor.

Is Ka Koushun focused on Jade Earring?

Well, the answer probably is yes. We can see that Ka Koushun is having a lot of tension because of the power and politics. Leaving it aside, he throws the emperor too. Whereas, he does all this to find the owner of Jade Earring.


  • His last name Koushun stands for courage.
  • He has not met his sister up to now.
  • At the age of 13, he has been crowned as the prince.
  • The character’s name in Chinese reading is Xia Gaojun.

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