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Character: Iu Shindo Anime Name : I'm Standing on a Million Lives Power : Wizard, Warrior Height : 65cm Gender : Female Width : 50kg Hair color : Blonde Eye color: light Brown Partners: Yusuke Yotsuya Birthday : March 16

Iu Shindo – I’m standing on a million lives

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1. Iu Shindo

Iu Shindo is one of the main protagonists of a dark fantasy anime series, I’m Standing on a Million Lives (100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore Wa Tatteiru). She is a first-person who teleported to a game-like alternate world. Where she has to complete the game task to survive the game.

in the anime, she is a cute, beautiful, and skilled character, who really understand what is really going on in the world. However, she is the first one who enters another virtual world from the real world.

2. Birthday, Age, Family Background, Father, Mother, Siblings, Education

She was born on March 16, in Japan. Her birth sign is Pisces. She has a father, mother, and brother. However, she did not reveal their other information yet. She is a Third-year student and Studied at Junior high school. According to her character, she has not thought about her future. But, interested in joining the High School.

3. Iu Shindo love Interest

Iu Shindo love Interest Yotsuya-kun

In the real world, she is a famous and top girl in her middle-high school. She is beautiful, talented, and good at sports too. So, everybody has a crush on her and loves her personality. In the game world, she properly meets with Yusuke Yotsuya, who is a gamer. Somehow, she also has a soft corner for him and is interested in him.

Talking about her connection, she is currently single. However, she has a good bond and good relationship with Kahabell, Yuka Tokitate, and Kusue Hakozaki.

Yuka Tokitate is one of the leading characters of I’m Standing on a Million Lives, who is courageous and always faces her bad situation with her daring personality. She is weak suffers from the chronic disease from her birth. Yuka is 14 and mostly wears her dark brown jacket with a white shirt, and shoes. In a virtual world, she is a Sword warrior and wears her warrior outfits.

Kusue Hakozaki is another leading character of I’m Standing on a Million Lives, who is the fourth member who is summoned to another world after Yuka Tokitata. She is beautiful and has hazel eyes. Talking about her physical appearance, she has dark purple hair with red attire around her neck and body.

4. Lu Shindo Dark Past

At the age of 5, she is a victim of bullying and insult. She mostly plays and spends time with the other boy kids. So, other kids try to insults and bully her. But, she does not give up without a fight, even on-screen making the kid who offended her cry. Her anonymous companion and good example showed her this is some unacceptable methodology before her demise. However, she acquired the standing of being a miscreant. Later, she made a companion with a young lady, who was harassed to self-destruction with Shindo’s dad joyfully gloating to his drinking pals that the lady merited it, for being “terrible” just external Shindo’s entryway. Then, at that point, at the memorial service everybody’s “comforting” Shindo by saying that won’t occur to her since she’s pretty. Then, at that point, when she enters Elementary School, the instructors begin to threaten her, since they have resentment with her father. Luckily, somehow she escapes from that situation.

5. Iu Shindo powers and skills

When she first teleport to another world. She is the first one to get the first task or quest from Game Master. Game Master is the powerful mastermind or the unknown mysterious character in I’m Standing on a Million Lives. To complete her first task she gets the ability of Wind Wizard, which gives her wind magic.

in episode 7 of season 1, she received warrior skills and power with the help of her fellow members. Then, after that, she fights with Gargoyle with is quite impressive that Kahvel.

Talking about his powers and skills, she first received a Wizard Wind while entering into the game-like alternate world. After reaching rank 10, She received another power of Warrior Sword and Warrior Spear respectively. When she received Warrior skills she somehow manage to defeat the gargoyle. Moreover, Shindo also received training from Kahabell, who is a former knight and one of the strong characters of this anime.

6. Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Shindo has blonde hair and light brown eyes. Her height is 65cm and her weight is around 50kg which is a decent weight with a slim body with an attractive among all the characters available. She is also appealing and has a model figure.

Besides, she has a famous and charming personality. She has a very sharp look and a gentle voice. Everyone is looking at her as an idol.

While in her School she is often appeared in a white school shirt, long sleeve sweater, grey skirts, a school bag, and a pair of white school shoes.

In another world, Shindo is one of the members of a survival hero group. She is mostly shown in a blue witch hat and fully in a blue wizard outfit. She is mostly holding a magic staff.

7. Iu Shindo Japanese Voice Actor – Risa Kubota

Iu Shindo Voice Actor – Risa Kubota ( Source: )

Japanese Risa Kubota was born on Aug 2, 1995, in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. She is a voice artist and well known for his voice on 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni 0re Wa Tatteru, as Yusuke Yotsuya and Akanesasu Shoujo.

Talking about her school year, she is really good at playing dodgeball and other outer games. Moreover, she has a passion for making beautiful and delicious sweets. When Risa joined her high school she gradually seriously started the thing to pursue her career as a voice actor.

She started her voice acting journey from the Japanese talent management agency, Mausu Promotion, in 2015. In 2017, Risa gain her first voice acting job in the mobile game Cross Summoner. In the following, she gets an opportunity to drop her first main role in the Mythic fiction anime called Konohana Kitan.

According to the survey, it seems that she started his career from musical anime Tv Series titled Aikatsu Stars!, as a role of Mayu Mido, in 2016. This anime is directed by Teruo Sato and written by Yuuko Kakihara. It has a minimum of around 100 episodes in total. This anime story is based on a series of arcade games series, in which idol have to gather a cards with different items that helps them to pass their auditions. The following year, she get a chance to portray the role of Ren in mythic friction, a slice of life genre Series, Konohana Kitan. This series was written by Sakuya Amano and published by the Japanese publisher Ichijinsha. This Manga-based anime series was released between 2009 and 2010. It is really worth watching such exciting and Mythic friction drama. So, Risa Kubota gets little fame after being a part of this manga-based anime series.

In her latest work, she is working in the dark fantasy anime series, I’m Standing on a Million lives 2nd Session, as Lu Shindo. It is directed by Kumiko Habara and written by Naoki Yamakawa. It was originally released on June 9, 2016.

8. Iu Shindo English Voice Actor – Jeannie Tirado

Jeannie Tirado
Image – Iu Shindo English Voice Actor – Jeannie Tirado

American Jeannie Diane Tirado was born on July 19, 1990, in Orlando, Florida, USA. She i9s a voice artist and is best known for her works in the ‘I’m standing on a million lives’,  Soul, Doom Eternal, and Orange. She already enrolled with various biggest entertainment organizations FUNimation Entertainment, Bang Zoom entertainment, and Studiopolis. Moreover, she is famous for her role in the anime series My Next Life as a villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! as Viktoriya Ivanovna, Black Clover as a Fana, Beyblade Burst: Turbo as Laban Vanot, etc.

A Romance and Slice of life genre anime series, Orange is directed by Naomi Nakayama and Hiroshi Hamasaki. Similarly, it was written by Yuko Kakihara and produced by Ikumi Hayashi and Takashi Yoshizawa. Not only anime series this live-action manga series is transformed into different anime, film, and Novel series. Talking about its storyline, the story began when a high school girl named Naho Takamiya, received a letter. That latter is not an ordinary letter it was from the future 10 yrs ahead, which is written by herself including about her biggest regrets in her life. My biggest regret is related to a boy who is a boy named, Kakeru Naruse. He is a newcomer from Tokyo.  Jeannie Tirado gives a voice to the character name Takako in this manga-based series Orange.

Taking about her Physical appearance she has dark brown eyes with black hair. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches. She is married and tied a knot with John Riding on 24 October 2021.

In her latest work, she is working on the video Game, FiendZSpace and Horizon Forbidden West.

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