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Character: Innocent Zero Anime Name : Mashle: Magic and Muscle Power : Timez Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : White Eye color: Red Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Innocent Zero – Mashle: Magic and Muscle

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Innocent Zero (Source: SpaceBattles)

Who is Innocent Zero?

Innocent Zero is the main antagonist of the Japanese anime series Mashle: Magic and Muscle. In addition, he is the real father of Mash Burnedead. Also, he has six children, including Mash. The names of his children are Doom, Famin, Epidem, Delisaster, Domina Blowelive, and Mash.

Even more, he also runs a criminal organization under his own name, Innocent Zero. He makes his first appearance in episode 12 of the series.

Who is the voice actor for Innocent Zero?

Voice Actor of Innocent Zero (Source: IMDb)

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Sin-ichiro Miki.


Appearance of Innocent Zero (Source: Spiel Times)

Moving towards his appearance, he has two forms. One is his past form, in which he was a human. Whereas, in his present form, he is a human without a face. In his human form, he was a handsome man with long silvery-white hair. Also, he has two arrow marks under his left eye. His mark used to represent the hour and minute of the clock.

In his humanoid form without face, he has only a white head without a face, black eyes, and a mouth. Even more, he develops four wings and a vertical line when he is in this form.

Innocent Zero: Backstory

Heading towards the past, Innocent Zero was a classmate of Wahlberg. At that time, he was not able to control his magic. It leads him to kill a person, and Wahlberg finds it and captured him. Later, he formed a group with the name Innocent Zero. At that time, he freed himself and many prisoners from the high-security jail of the Bureau of Magic’s Command.

After it, the group of Innocent zeros is known for only doing bad things. Later, he also creates his clone, feeding his blood to the dead body—Cell War. The Cell War was his right hand. With his negative approach, he keeps on growing stronger too.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Innocent Zero (Source: Pinterest)


Timez is the personal magic of Innocent Zero. He can manipulate time using this magic. It means he can slow down or even speed up time using this magic.

Magic Stealing

Not only can he attack with magic, he can also steal magic from others. For example, he can steal darkness magic from Adam and space magic from Wahlberg.

Evolved Form of Innocent Zero

Evolved form of Innocent Zero (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

When he is in his evolved form, he can change into a demonic form. In addition, he can also regenerate himself after taking multiple damages. As well, he can also summon Chronos (the god of time) and Uranus (the god of the sky).

What is the motive of Innocent Zero?

The main motive of Innocent Zero is to gain immortality. So, to gain it, he had six sons. In order to complete his goal, he will use the hearts of his six sons. Even more, after absorbing the hearts of his sons, he will be able to get eternal life.

Can Mash Burned defeat Innocent Zero?

Mash Burnedead vs Innocent Zero (Source: Spiel Times)

They both meet with each other during Chapter 149 in the manga. The conclusion lands as Mash was not even matched with the power of Innocent Zero. Thus, Mash was defeated by his father on their first meeting with each other.

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