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Character: Hyoma Kunato Anime Name : Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Power : N/A Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: Blue Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Hyoma Kunato- Mononogatari

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Hyoma Kunato (Source: Pinterest)

Hyoma Kunato

Hyoma Kunato is a member of the Saenome clan. He is assigned to his job of guiding the spirits.

In addition, he hates tsukumogami a lot. Thus, to make him have a good relationship with them he was sent to Nagatsuki house. At Nagatsuki house there are six tsukumogami including their one human master.

Appearance and Personality

Hyoma Kunato Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Heading towards his appearance, he looks like a young boy. Adding on, the color of his hair is black whereas the color of his eyes is blue. He usually wears a blue top with the grey color of pants. Adding on, he also seems to be wearing a red color of shawl.

Hyoma is a very aggressive type of boy. Even more, he also hates tsukumogami a lot. Though, he seems like a rude person he has a good and caring nature too.


Hyoma was on a mission along with his grandfather in order to seal a tsukumogami. But, he uses brutal force without trying to talk with it. As they reach home, his grandfather told him that he should not use brutal force against them. His grandfather said that he should guide the tsukumogami . Whereas, Hyoma told that he wants to erase all of the spirits as he doesn’t know they will be holding a grudge.

Even more, his father keeps on advising him but he seems not to hear his grandfather at all. Thus, his grandfather arranges to send him to Nagatsuki house where six tsukumogami lives including one human master. The main motive of his grandfather was to make Hyoma learn what tsukumogami are. As a result, Hyoma left his house and moves toward Nagatsuki’s house.

Hyoma Kunato has a fight with tsukumogami at Nagatsuki’s house

Hyoma Kunato and members of Nagatsuki’s house (Source: NerdPool)

When Hyoma reached Nagatsuki house, he was welcomed by the Haori (one of the tsukumogami living at Nagatsuki house). But, Hyoma explains that he does not need any welcome. Adding on, Haori already knew why he was hating them so much.

Moving on, Hyoma tells that they are taking advantage of Botan. After hearing that, Nagi attacked Hyoma. Also, Nagi even used the blunt side of his sword to attack him. The fight generally stopped as they find out Botan was nearly reaching there.

Why Hyoma Kunato hates tsukumogami?

From the beginning of the series, we can watch that Hyoma hates tsukumogami a lot. The reason behind it is he has lost his precious ones because of them. His brother and sister were killed by tsukumogami. Adding on, from then he has built a sensation of revenge and is after the tuskumogami who killed his brother and sister. Even more, as it was the reason he lost them he thinks that all of them are bad and wants to show brutal force against every tsukumogami.


• The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Takeo Ootsuka.
• His first name Hyoma means troops.


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