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Hotaru Haganezuka

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Hotaru Haganezuka

Who is Hotaru Haganezuka in Demon Slayer?

Hotaru Haganezuka is a skilled swordsman in the swordsmith village. Adding to that, he makes swords for the Demon Slayer Corps. Also, he can repair the Nichirin swords, which demon slayers use, and he also repairs them if they are damaged.

Who are the voice actors for Hotaru Haganezuka?

Voice Actors of Hotaru Haganezuka

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Daisuke Namikawa. whereas the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actor, Robbie Daymond.


Appearance of Hotaru Haganezuka

As of now, Hotaru is 37years old. He wears a sunflower-patterned haori. Adding on, he also covers his head with the scarf. Likewise, the other swordsmith also hides his face by wearing a Hyottoko mask. It is generally used by the swordsmith to hide their identity.

In chapter 117 of the series, he will reveal his face. While not wearing the mask, he has long black hair and sharp eyes. Heading on, he gets a number of scars on his face from the attack of Upper Rank Five, Gyokko.


Hotaru was born in the swordsmith village. When he was small, he was such a terrible child. So, his parents have a mental breakdown, and they give their child to the village chief, Tecchin Tecchikawahara. As a result, the village chief was the one to raise him. The village chief also gives Haganezuka’s first name as Hotaru, which he does not like because it is too cute. Adding on, he was a very angry person from his childhood.

Later, he learns to forge the Nichirin swords for the Demon Slayer. Even more, as Tanjiro passed his final selection, he was assigned to make the sword for Tanjiro.

The mask of Hotaru Haganezuka

Mask of Hotaru Haganezuka (Source: CGTrader)

The mask of Hotaru is called the Hyottoko mask. It provides the meaning of a lucky spirit. The mask even has a myth in the Iwate Prefecture; here, the myth is that there was a boy who could create gold out of his belly. One day, he died in his house. So, when anyone dies in the house, the mask of the boy is put on top of the fireplace to bring good fortune to the house. The name of the boy was Hyoutokusu, and later it changed into Hyottoko.

Whereas, in the series, the swordsmiths wear the mask in order to hide their identity.

Why does Hotaru Haganezuka refuse to make a sword for Tanjiro?

Hotaru was a very angry person from childhood. Also, he is proud of his skill in forging the swords. Heading on, he was angry because every time he makes a sword for Tanjiro, he breaks it. Last time, it was the third time Tanjiro broke his sword. Thus, he refuses to make a sword for Tanjiro.

Abilities and Fighting Style

Hotaru Haganezuka Abilities (Source: Wiki-Fandom)


Hotaru had his training in the mountains. which has excessively increased his strength.

Master Swordsmith

Hotaru is a very skilled swordsmith. He can forge the sword and repair it after it takes damage while fighting the demon. He also forged the 300-year-old sword left in Yoriichi Type Zero, though he has taken damage from Gyoko.


Hotaru is very good at using the fighting style, and Tanto uses the form of clover. Even more, he shows it by attacking Tanjiro when Tanjiro has no swords.

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