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Character: Grigori Rasputin Anime Name : Fate/Grand Order Power : Baptism Sacrament Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Black Eye color: Black Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Grigori Rasputin – Fate/Grand Order

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Grigori Rasputin (Source: Twitter)

Grigori Rasputin

Grigori Rasputin is a character from Fate/Grand Order who falls under the Alter Ego-class High-Servant. The Alter-Ego are those who are separated from the Spirit Origin or are just altered. Also, while making his first appearance, he was known as Kirei Kotomine. The one to summon him is Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Some of his discription are as follows:

Grigori Rasputin Description
Alternative Name Kirei Kotomine
Spirit Type Phantom Spirit
Component Spirits Bahloo

Azi Dahãka

Region Russia


Grigori Rasputin (Source: Know Your Meme)

Rasputin is generally a Servant who is made to utilize humans as their vessels. Even though they are similar to Demi-Servants but they are quite different from them while forming one. Adding on, he used the body of Kirei Kotomine as a vessel, who dies in Japan in 2004. He seems like a tall boy with black color of hair. In addition, the color of his eyes also seems to be black.

Grigori Rasputin – Dress

Grigori Rasputin Dress (Source: Pinterest)

He wears a long black color coat. His dress symbolizes the dress of the father of the church. Further, he wears a dark blue color of shawl. Even more, he wears a necklace with a cross sign. Along with it, the colors of his boot is also black.


Actually, Rasputin is controlling the body of Kirei Kotomine. But, he returns his control of the body back to Kirei when he succeeds in his aim of helping Anastasia Nikolaevana Romanova to become Tsar. In addition, it states that he is very focused on the goal and does it anyhow. Moreover, he pretends that his real name was Metropolitan Marcius.


Grigori is a monster who destroys the Romanov Dynasty. Due to him, the dynasty collapsed. Even more, he is a holy man whom Tsar has a huge trust. Adding on, he was able to gain his trust by healing his son, Alexei who was suffering from hemophilia. Later, an allegation of rape was accused against him. As a result, the group of nobles assassinate him as the Russian people lost World War I.

Abilities and Power

Grigori Rasputin Power ( Source: GamePress)

Many people expect that he would not become a Heroic Spirit. Likewise, Antonio Salieri was able to become a Heroic Spirit whom no one even expected. Also, it was able to happen as they find suitable humans in order to become Servants.


He is able to run at the speed of 90 km per hour. Adding on, he enhances this speed while he was catching the Shadow Border when he fires and carries RPG, due to which he can also make some damage. But, he cannot move to another Lostbelt. Moreover, to move towards another Lostbelt he must have the permission of the Alien God.

Poison Resistance

The poison actually means nothing to him. Rasputin has immunity to poisons. Also, he even holds a powerful immunity to various other toxins too.

Baptism Sacrament

This power is a prayer for getting the healing from Lord’s blessings. Baptism is like a washing ceremony. Even more, when the other doctors fail to move towards the target’s faith, this helps them to return to their ways too.


• His surname Rasputin means any person who exercises great.

• He is aligned with Lawful Evil.

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