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Character: Finn Oldman Anime Name : High Card Power : Neo New Nambu Height : 5 feet 9 inch (176 cm) Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Blonde Eye color: Green Partners: N/A Birthday : January 3

Finn Oldman – High Card

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Finn Oldman (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Finn Oldman?

Finn Oldman is a character from the Japanese anime and manga series, High Card. As of now, he is 17 years old. He uses to live in an orphanage and is very good at pickpocketing. Adding on, Finn is also a member of High Card. Even more, he is working under Pinochle residing as a sales apprentice.

Who is the voice actor of Finn Oldman?

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Gen Satou.

Finn Oldman’s – Appearance and Personality

Finn Oldman’s Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Finn looks like an average young man from his looks. Adding on, the color of his eyes is green whereas the color of his hair is blonde. He has a height of 5 feet 9 inches which is approximately 176 cm. Before, becoming a member of High Card, he wears a baggy jacket. After joining it, he wears a yellow suit with a black accent.

Heading towards his personality, he seems a very cool-headed person. Even more, even in a different difficult situation he manages to become stress-free.

Finn Oldman – Background

Finn’s parents died when he was very small in age. So, he lived in an orphanage from a very young age. While growing a pop he developed a very strong focus ability. Later, due to it, he becomes a very good pickpocket. One day, he finds out that his orphanage was having problems because of finance. So, he moves out to a casino in order to make out his fortune.

How Finn becomes a member of High Card?

As he was going towards the casino, he saw a car being chased and a bloody shootout which was made from the man’s lucky card. Then, he learns about the shootout and knows the world can be controlled by the 52 X-Playing cards with superhuman powers and abilities. The different cards consist of different powers.

In such a way, there is a secret group of players known as High Card. These players of High Card are ordered by the King in order to collect all the cards that were scattered around the kingdom. As the group is secret, they show themselves as an employee of luxury carmaker Pinochle. Later, he becomes the fifth member of the group. Heading, on he also admits it and joins on a mission to find the scattered cards.

What is the power of Finn Oldman?

X-Playing Card of Finn Oldman (Source: Sportskeeda)

The power of Finn Oldman is on his X-Playing Card. The name of his card is Neo New Nambu. This card allows him to have a semi-automatic pistol with a great target too. It reaches the target exactly as it is different than the real guns. An example of it is, Finn was able to hit the marble attacked with him along with the hand of the attacker. It shows the precision of shooting from that pistol.


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