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Character: Finn Ames Anime Name : Mashle: Magic and Muscle Power : Changeas Height : 5 feet 7 inch (170 cm) Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Black with yellow strands Eye color: Yellow Partners: N/A Birthday : January 23

Finn Ames – Mashle: Magic and Muscles

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Finn Ames (Source: Pinterest)

Who is Finn Ames?

Finn Ames is a student at Easton Magic Academy. He is in the Academy along with Mash Burnedead. Also, he is a roommate of Mash Burnedead. Adding on, he shows his appearance in episode 2 of the series.

Who are the voice actors for Finn Ames?

Voice Actors of Finn Ames

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Reiji Kwashima. whereas the English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice actor, Brian Timothy Anderson.


Appearance of Finn Ames (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards appearance, Finn has an average-sized body. The color of his hair is black with a yellow streak on his left side of the fringe.

He also has a mark on his face, which is a single line and is on his right cheek. At school, he wears the uniform of the academy, and when he is at home, he wears a casual dress.


Rayne Ames

Finn Ames and Rayne Ames (Source: Danbooru)

Rayne Ames is the older brother of Fin Ames. Though they are brothers, they do not have a good relationship with each other. In addition, Rayne tells Finn to leave the academy, and he does not like Finn’s motive to help everyone. Most of the time, Rayne thinks that Finn might also be selected as a Divine Visionary along with him in the future, as long as he stays with him.

whereas Rayne wants to create a place where there is equality for the orphans too. Heading on, they start to have a good bond after Fin uses his second spell and fights Delisaster along with Rayne.

Mash Burnedead

Finn Ames and Mash Burnedead (Source: Sportskeeda)

Mash Burnedead and Finn Ames are best friends. They have a good bond with each other. As well, they are roommates too. In addition, Finn has also risked his life for the future of the Mash. In return, Mash has also punished those who have hurt his friend, Finn.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Finn Ames (Source: Pinterest)


The magic that Finn uses to perform is called Changeas. He can easily swap the position of the target using this magic. If the timing is good when using this magic, the user can also use it to run from the enemies. Along with it, this magic can also be used for healing purposes.

Magic Power

As Finn has only one line mark, he only has an average amount of magical power. But he was able to raise another mark when he battled with Delisaster together with Rayne. After that, his magic power gradually increased.


Not only in magic, he is also very good in the field of intelligence. He is one of the people who can watch Mash’s movements. In the battles, he becomes more strategic and attacks the opponents more perfectly. Even more, he uses various spells to fool his opponents.

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