Fena Houtman
Character: Fena Houtman Anime Name : The White Marginal Height : 5 feet and 2 inches Gender : Female Width : 48 kg Hair color : White Eye color: Blue Partners: N/A

Fena Houtman- Fena: Pirate Princess | Fena Houtman Age

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Fena Houtman

Fena Houtman is the main protagonist of the anime series, Fena: Pirate Princess. Houtman is popular as the captain of the elite samurai and ninja from Goblin Island named Seven Samurai.

Also, she happens to be the only one who can figure out the mystery of the clear stone passed by her father.

Who are the Voice Actors of Fena Houtman?

Japanese Voice Actor, Asami Seto

The voice actor, Asami Seto voiced the character, Fena in the series. Seta is from the Saitama Prefecture of Japan. Seto is popular for her voice as Raphtalia in the Japanese dark fantasy anime, The Rising of the Shield Hero. The talent management firm, Sigma Seven represents the voice artist.

Heading towards her early career, she started her career in the coming-of-age anime, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day in 2011. In the series, she contributed her voice to the character, Atsumu Matsuyuki who happens to be a childhood friend of the main character, Jinta “Jintan” Yadomi. 

The same year, she became part of other anime series including Chihayafuru, Dog Days, and Wandering Son. After voicing Yoshino Takatsuki in Wandering Son, she never looked back on her career as a voice actress. The character, Takatsuki is the secondary protagonist of the anime who happens to be an LGBT character in the series.

Following that, she became part of other anime series including Bugo Stray Dogs as Ichiyo Higuchi, Pokemon Sun and Moon as Officer Jenny, and The Rising of the Shield Hero as Raphtalia. In 2020, the character was chosen as the Best Girl on the occasion of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

Last, in 2022, she voiced in the isekai anime series, The Eminence in Shadow as Alpha. The character Alpha is a beautiful Elven girl and the first member of the Shadow Garden. She also recruited the 6 other main members of the Shadow Garden. Later, she also led them to find the cult of Diabolos.

English Voice Actor, Brittany Cox

For the English dubbed version, the voice for the character is contributed by the voice artist, Brittany Cox. Cox is an LA-based voice actress. Apart from being a voice actress, she is also an actress by profession.

She commenced her career as an actress with the video, In the First Few Days. In the horror-based video, she portrayed the character of Jenny. Following that, in 2014, she became part of the comedy-based TV series, Chop Socky Boom. The TV series is based on the misfit actors who are cast for the action kung fu series.

Following that, she expanded her career as a voice actress in 2016. The year, she voiced in the video game, Rapids. However, she voiced some of the additional voices in the series. Moving forwards, she became a part of various anime series including Pokemon, Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise, and Tatty and Misifu. In the anime Tatty and Misifu, she worked along with other voice actors like Stepanie Sheh and Zach Aguilar.

Brittany Cox
Brittany Cox (Source: animeplanet)

Last, in 2022, she voiced the character, Rainbow High as Bella Parker. Some of her projects include Altered Carbin: Resleeved, The Twelve, and WWE 2K22. Currently, she is filming the animated murder mystery, Wild Card.

As a producer, she also produced the TV series, The Exceptionals, and the short, One More Round.

Fena Houtman- Birth, Age, Father, Mother, Family Background

How old is Fena: Pirate Princess?

Fena Houtman was born on the 21st of March. As of now, her specific age is not mentioned in the series. However, she is in her teen. Most probably, her age is around 17 years old.

Talking about her family, she comes from an aristocratic family. Her mother’s name is Helena des Armoises. Helena was a witch. Her father happens to be the King of England. However, she spent her entire life thinking of the dutchman, Frantz Houtman who was on a mysterious quest concerned with clear stone. Some pirates attacked her family during the quest in the sea. At the time, Frantz got killed.

During the same time, she got separated from her father, family, and friends. After the incident, she reached an island named Shangri-La.

Fena’s Childhood & Journey

On the island, she grew up with a reputation for her appearance. People often refer to her as The White Marginal due to her fair skin color and white hair. Moving forward, she was sold to a British ill-mannered soldier into a marriage.

However, some old family friends, Salman and Otto rescued her from the situation. Prior to the traumatic past, Fena had a happy childhood. Also, she recalls some memory of her childhood friend named Yukimaru.

After being rescued from the island, Salman and Otto took her to Goblin Island. On the island, she met Yukihisa Sanada and receive a stone that her father wanted to have her who told her to recall some clues regarding the stone.

In the incident, she only remembers the word named Eden from her father’s mouth. After that, she headed towards completing the unfinished quest of her father with the clue clear stone and the name Eden. In the quest, Samurai Seven assisted her.

Fena Houtman and Seven Samurai
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Fena’s Mother’s Sad Love Story and Death

During her entire life, Fena didn’t have any sort of memory of her mother, Helena. However, as the anime proceed, Helena’s love story was disclosed.

It was discovered that she was in love with British Army, Lord Abel Bluefield. Bluefield happens to be the main villain of the series. However, later, it was found that she was having a relationship with the Dutchman, Frantz Hountman. Moving forwards, she left the kingdom with Frantz.

After eloping with Frantz, there were rumors that she was carrying the child of the King of England which turned out to be true. Later, she got caught by the army of the Kingdom and sent to prison.

In the 9th episode of the series, her status as a prisoner was revealed when she met with her former love interest, Abel. At the time, she looked totally different from her former self. Her hair was cut short and her entire glow seemed to have vanished. After that, she received a very severe punishment for her action. She was burned at the stake alive. At the time, people watching them were clapping which was quite a disgusting thing to do.

Fena Houtman- Love Interest & Relationship

As of now, she is single. Also, the series is not headed in a romantic direction.

However, she has a special relationship with Yukimaru Sanada, leader of the Samurai Seven. Yukimaru is also a childhood friend of Fena. He helped her to evacuate the ship when pirates attacked her. At the time, his words were just alive, I will search and find you.

Despite such a strong bond between them, Yukimaru acts a little bit distant from Fena due to his nature. Hence, there is a higher possibility that the friendship with grows into a romantic relationship between them.

In some of the last episodes, the romantic direction of the series has changed intensely. In the final episodes, she was saving Yukimaru from lord Abel. For that, she tried to stop Abel from killing him. When the anime headed to the last episode, it was finally discovered that she was deeply in love with Yukimaru when the entire world was ending for the good.

At the time, Yukimru confessed his love for the Fena when both of their eyes were covered with tears which was quite a heartbreaking event in the series. However, at last, they got together with each other after the chaotic situation where Fena had already lost all of her memory.

Fena Houtman- Height, Weight & Appearance

She has blue eyes with platinum white hair. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. Also, her weight is 48 kg. At first, she had long hair. However, in the 2nd episode, she cut her hair short like a boy.

Moving to her outfits, initially, she was dressed like a bride in a white gown. However, she changed her outfit and dressed as a pirate when her journey started including a shirt and pants. Also, she carries a heart-shaped neckless on her neck.

Talking about her appearance, she resembles her mother in many ways. Her facial features like her eyes, nose, and ears are exactly similar to her mother, Helena. During the ninth episode of the 1st season, the story behind her mother was revealed in front of the audience. In the episode, her mother was shown with very short hair behind the bar which was quite similar to Fena’s looks after the second episode.

In the final and last episode of the series, her hair turns black. Also, she lost all her entire memories with her friends and family.


  • The original name of the series is Kaizoku Ōjo.
  • She is looking for Eden which happens to be an island full of treasures.
  • The treasures are from different regions of the world from different times.


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