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Character: Corpse God Anime Name : Dead Mount Death Play Power : Evil Eye Height : 5 feet 3 inches Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : White (human body) Eye color: Pale Blue (human body) Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Corpse God – Dead Mount Death Play

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Who is Corpse God in Dead Mount Death Play?

The Corpse God is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Dead Mount Death Play. He was born Rizdilusia Redrazalf in the other world. Since his birth, he possesses an evil eye along with an elemental eye which led to his occupation as a necromancer.

The Necromancer uses a magic Necromancy in order to kill the spirits or summon the people who are already dead. After his death, he reincarnated on the earth in the body of Polka Shinoyama.

Who are the voice actors of Corpse God?

Voice Actors of Corpse God

The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor Yuuki Sakakihara. Whereas, the English voice for the character is portrayed by the American voice actor, Morgan Berry.


Appearance of Corpse God

Moving towards the appearance, when he was undead he was just a humanoid skeleton of an adult. Also, he uses to wear a long light-colored cloak.

After, reincarnating in Polka Shinoyama’s body he uses to wear a hooded robe. In this body, his height is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm). Even more, his age is in the century but in the body of Polka, he is 16 years old.

Corpse God – Backstory and Family

The Corpse God was born as Rizdilusia Redrazalf. His father’s name is still unknown whereas the name of his mother is Kanom-shelling Redrazalf. His mother Redrazalf, was an Alchemy Scholar. He has a brother and sister younger than him.

All of the members of his family can see the elements. But, he is the only one to get the Evil Eye. With the evil eye, he was able to see spirits. Hence, his parents sold him the corpse sorcerer. Moving forward, he learns the ways of necromancy.

Easlies Swordfrail was the one to teach him. Heading on, he also becomes the Imperial court sorcerer. As a result, he is known as a corpse God. However, he dies but the child emperor, saves his brain and he remains as a skeleton. After all, he was able to reincarnate in the body of Polka Shinoyama.

The Third Eye of Corpse God, Evil Eye

Evil Eye (Source: Crunchyroll)

The Third Eye, Evil Eye helps him to see the ghosts. As well, it does not help to see the ghosts but it also helps in looking at the evil spirits including the animals too. The evil eye is not related to the real eye but it is more similar to the soul. Even more, it can also find out the problems in the body like fractures.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Corpse God (Source: Anime Corner)


Necromancy is a type of magic that helps a person communicate with people who are already dead. Even more, it makes the rise to the dead people to gain information. Being a skillful necromancer, he can borrow and manipulate the magic energy from the negative energy.

Spirit Channeling

Another ability of his is spirit channeling. Through the help of it, he can see as well as hear the ghosts. He can also channel the power of spirits into objects or anything as a host. An example of it is he puts the soul of Polka into a drone after reincarnating in his body.


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