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Character: Christopher Reed Anime Name : Solo Leveling Power : Spiritual Body Manifestation Height : N/A Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Brown Eye color: Blue Partners: N/A Birthday : N/A

Christopher Reed – Solo Leveling

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Christopher Reed (Source: Twitter)

Who is Christopher Reed?

Christopher Reed is also one of the hunters from America. He is an S-Rank hunter. In addition, he is also one of the five national-level hunters.

Among the hunters in the world, he ranks third. Even more, he makes his first appearance in Chapter 176 of the Novel Series and Chapter 138 of the webtoon.


Appearance of Christopher Reed (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards appearance, Christopher has a muscular build with brown hair. As well, he has blue eyes. But when he uses his power, his eye changes to a light blue color.


Heading towards his backstory, Christopher is a hunter from America. After many of the S-Ranked hunters were spawned in the city of Baltimore, Chris seems to be in danger of losing his life. At that time, Norma was aware of his death, as she had already seen it in her dreams.

As soon as he hears that, he takes it very seriously and even receives the number of Sung Jinwoo. He gets the number of Sung Jinwoo from Go Gunhee in order to call him if any problem arises. So, he can get away from the dream that Norma had.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Christopher Reed (Source: Sportskeeda)

Though Christopher Reed was a very strong fighter in the series, his powers are not well revealed. The reason for it was that when he was killed, he had an off-screen fight. The powers and abilities we were able to see are as follows:


One of the abilities he has is strength. Also, we can find out his strength through his muscular body. As a result, he also stands as one of the strongest hunters in the world.

Ruler’s Authority

As he was also the vessel of the Ruler, he was able to perform telekinesis. The telekinesis helps him move and control the objects from one place to another.

Spiritual Body Manifestation

It was one of his powers that led him to transfer into a giant monster-like person. While he transforms into this form, his eyes change to a light blue color, and his hair changes to an orange color. Heading to its power, while he is in this form, he can take out 14 S-Rank Hunters and extinguish them.

Who killed Christopher Reed in Solo Leveling?

Death of Christopher Reed (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Christopher was already aware of his death when Norma saw it all in her dreams. After Norma is aware of him and goes, a few days later he feels quiet inside his home. But he was unaware that he was already trapped inside the dimension gap. After some moments, the three monarchs appear in front of him.

They covered him up, as one was in front and two were behind. Then he remembers what Norma said and realizes they were there to kill him. It was very late to call for help, so he decided to fight them, thinking he might take out one of the monarchs. But Christopher Reed dies in the battle with three Monarchs without taking down any one Monarch.


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