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Character: Chris Redgrave Anime Name : High Card Power : Calories High Height : 5 feet 11 inch (182 cm) Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Brown Eye color: Amber Partners: N/A Birthday : October 4th

Chris Redgrave – High Card

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Chris Redgrave (Source: Pinterest)

Chris Redgrave

Chris Redgrave is also one of the members of High Card. As of now, he is 20 years old. His X-Playin Card is Five of Hearts. His father’s name is Tyler Redgrave. Adding on, he is also working under Pinochle.


Chris Redgrave Appearance (Source: Pinterest)

Chris Redgrave looks very young with a tall height of 182 cm. The color of his hair is dark grey whereas the color of his eyes is amber. While working, he use to wear a red color of blazer along with the red color of pants.

But, when he is not working he usually wears a red color of blazer with open zip and a diamond pattern t-shirt inside it. Along with it, he wears the black color of pants.


Heading towards his background, he is a very kind as well soft-spoken person. In addition, he has no seriousness. But, from his heart, he is a very cool boy with good common sense. He used to drink alcohol a lot but is very weak towards it.

Chris Redgrave and Finn Oldman

Chris Redgrave and Finn Oldman (Source: Pinterest)

Chris Redgrave and Finn are a friend of each other. They both work under Pinochle. Heading on, They both seem together in order to collect the X-Playing Cards. They both were going to catch the X-Playing Card of Chelsea. Even more, Chris Redgrave uses his pickup lines too as he is very forwards when it comes to girls. But, Chelsea she attached the hands of them using her X-Playing Card, Love Connection. Whereas, Finn gets angry while eating ice cream and want to search for Chelsea fast in order to remove the hand from each other.

Chris Redgrave saves Finn a lot of times

When Finn was going to save the bartender over another muscular bartender, he was going to hit him in the face. But, in meantime Chris Redgrave saves him. Adding on, while fighting with the Klondike family, Finn was already out of the fight. Whereas, Chris was making the fight over the victory. Thus, most of the time Chris Redgrave appears in order to save Finn.

Find out about the sister of Chris Redgrave, Michelle Redgrave

Michelle Redgrave (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Michelle Redgrave is the younger sister of Chris Redgrave. She loves him a lot. Adding on, she is a kind and strong person who loves her brother. Also, she has the same disease that her mother had. Due to it, her mother was dead when she was very young and she was hospitalized at Shield City Hospital since her childhood. As well, Chris Redgrave also loves his sister a lot.

X-Playing Card of Chris Redgrave

Chris Redgrave using Calories High (Source: Pinterest)

Moving towards the X-Playing card of Chris Redgrave it is made up of Hearts of five. The X-Playing Card of Chris Redgrave is also known as “Calories High”. Using this card, the injuries as well as any damage to the body of the user will heal automatically. But, to heal any injuries it depends on calories as well as the injury. So, the user must consume a large number of calories before using this card.


• He has big teeth and loves to eat Fudgees.
• The Japanese voice for the character is provided by the Japanese voice actor, Toshiki Masuda.

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