Chinu Kawakubo
Character: Chinu Kawakubo Anime Name : Chinu Kawakubo Height : 5 Feet and 5 inches (1.65 CM) Gender : Female Width : Decent Hair color : Fiord Eye color: sea-formed Partners: MINATO KIYOMIZU

Chinu Kawakubo- Re-Main | Chinu Kawakubo Relationship

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Chinu Kawakubo (Source: Fandom)

Chinu Kawakubo


Chinu Kawakubo is one of the main characters of the Japanese anime series, Re-Main. In the series, she happens to be a high school student of Rikka Gakukan High School in the sports Japanese anime, Re-Main. Kawakubo is the famous water polo player of the series.

She is also the love interest of the main character of the anime, Minato Kiyomizu. In the series, she is often featured in the media as a sportsperson.

Who is playing Chinu Kawakubo in Re-Main?

Japanese Voice Actor, Lynn

Early Life

The Japanese voice artist, Lynn contributed her voice to the character, Chinu Kawakubo. The Voice actress was born on the 1st of June in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan. Yet, the full details regarding her birth year are not available. Regarding her ancestry, she is East-Asian ethnicity. Also, she is of American heritage too as one of her parents has American roots.

Since her childhood, she was interested in the entertainment industry after she learned that her mother was part of a band. As days passed, her interest in the industry grew. At the time, she also developed a fond love for Japanese anime. During her childhood, the mystery-based anime, Detective Conan, and the Supernatural anime series, Inuyasha was her favorite.

She also attended the Japan Narration Acting Institute during middle school. Later, she also worked at the same institute when she was in her first year of high school. In addition to that, she was also quite active in the basketball club. For the club, she also acted as a manager. Moving forwards, she also started performing in some cultural festivals at her school. In the same year, she started her career as a voice actress.

Voice Acting Career

In the year 2012, she started her career in comedy anime, Bakuman. For the anime, she worked as an assistant. The same year, she made her voice acting debut with the fantasy adventure anime, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. In the series, she contributed her voice to the character, Aero for the 4th episode only.

Moving forwards, she voiced some of the characters in the anime including Naruto Shippuden, Magic Kaito, Death Parade, Heavy Object, and Magical Girl Site. However, her voice was taken for only some of the character roles in those animes.

As her career as a voice actress grew, she became part of the various popular mangas which were converted into anime. Some of those animes are Sword Art Online: Alicization, The Promised Neverland Season 2, and The Honor Student at Magic High School. In those series, she played a prominent voice.

Lynn (Source: Fandom)

Currently, she is with the Japanese talent management company, Arts Vision. Last, she voiced in the romantic anime, My Master Has No Tail as Tsubaki Shirara. The anime was first serialized on the 7th of January 2019. The anime will be released worldwide on the 7th of December 2021.

Apart from anime, she has also been part of various video games. That includes Schoolgirl Strikers as Mano Rinoda, Girls’ Frontline as HK21 & MP7, and Shin Megami Tensei V as Sahori Itsukishima. Recently, she voiced the video game, Eve: Ghost Enemies as Nanase Sawashiro.

In addition to that, she also voiced the video game, The King of Fighters XV. The game was developed by the video game hardware and software company, SNK Company. The was released on the 17th of February 2022. In the game, she voiced the characters; Isla and Re Verse.

English Voice Actress, Sarah Roach

The English dubbed voice for the character, Chinu is contributed by the voice actress, Sarah Roach. Roach is in the industry for a very long time.

In the year 2014, she started her career as a voice actress in the very popular anime series, One Piece. In the series, she contributed her voice to the character, Wicka which lasted for only two episodes Moving forward, she voiced various anime series including Furie, The Divine Fury, and A Certain Scientific Railgun.

Last, in 2022, she was a part of the anime TV series, Attack on Titan as Abel Reiss in only one episode, Memories of the Future. Also, her upcoming short drama, So Be it will be released soon. The short is written by writers Nicole Fletcher and Clint Howard II.

In the series So Be it, she is playing the lead character named Louise. The series revolves around Louise who is taking a pregnancy test that takes a few minutes. However, those times became disruptive for her.

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Chinu Kawakubo- Birth, Family Background, Siblings, Age, Parents

The family background of Chinu Kawakubo is still a mystery in the series. Also, details regarding his parents have not been provided in the series along with her siblings including her birthdate and sunshine.

Only, her affiliation with the Rikka Gakukan High School is shown in the series as a student. Also, she plays water sports for the high school.

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Chinu Kawakubo and Minato, A loving Relationship | Chinu Kawakubo Relationship

Kawakubo is the love interest of Minato Kiyomizu. Minato is a high school student at Yamanami High School which is next to her high school.

Both Chinu and Minato have a common interest in sports, which happens to be water polo. However, unfortunately, Minato loses his memory and passion for the game as he had an accident that caused him to lose his memory for the past three years. As a result, their relationship was discontinued for a while.

Minato and Chinu Relationship
Minato and Chinu (Source: YouTube)

Despite a budding emotion for each other, they had a bet with each other. As per the bet, Minato would get a date with Chinu if he became the number 1 water polo player in Japan. On the other hand, if Chin wins the bet she would get 11 thousand yen as the winning amount.

After losing his memory, Minato was not able to win the bet. Hence, Chinu gave a chance to Minato win the bet. However,  Chinu doubled the bet amount. In the series, a kissing scene between Chinu and Minato is also shown.

Does Chinu really Love Minato?

In the initial episodes, the illustrator of the anime suggests that she was in love with the main character, Minato. Also, they had a relationship with each other for a while. However, later it was discovered that Chinu does not love Minato. In addition to that, she hated him for some reason.

During the 1st season, the mystery behind their relationship was cleared like a crystal ball. It was found that she actually hated Minato due to his arrogant behavior. She developed hatred as his arrogant behavior created quite a difficult situation for her elder brother-like personality. Furthermore, he also had to quit the sports water polo which he liked the most in his entire life.

After that, Minato proposed to her and bet with Chinu that she would go on a date with him if he become the No 1 water polo player in the country. The audacity of Minato compelled her to hate him the most in her entire life.

Chinu’s Budding Love Towards Minato

When Minato lost his memory after getting up from the coma, his behavior as a person actually changed a lot. He became more gentle and friendly exactly opposite to his former self.

After meeting this new self of Minato she actually started liking him and developed a romantic bond with him. When she found out that Minato actually regained his lost memory back, she was quite sad thinking that the old Minato might be back again.

Chinu Kawakubo- Appearance, Height & Weight

Chinu has sea-formed color eyes with Fiord-colored hair. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches and has a decent weight.

Moving towards her appearance, she has a fair complexion. Usually, she is seen in her high school uniform. She wears pink shirts with blue skirts. Also, she puts on a scarf too.

Apart from her usual college looks, she also makes her appearance in her casual looks. In her looks, she looks totally different from her usual college looks. On most of her causal looks, she ties her hair back. To put her look complete, she also wears big earrings too with a white T-shirt.


Talking about her personality, she is quite a confident personality in the series. In addition to that, she is quite gentle and loving in nature. Her love and respect for her elder brother-like personality are quite adorable. She was quite worried about him when she found out that he left water polo.

However, she was quite surprised and happy when she found out that he found a new aim in his life which happens to be table tennis. In fact, he never regrets quitting water polo as he enjoys playing table tennis.


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