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Apollo – Record of Ragnarok

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Apollo (Source: Reddit)

Who is Apollo God?

Apollo God (Source: Pinterest)

Apollo God is one of the Olympian duties in Greek religion. Adding on, he is the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and disease, the sun and the light, poetry, and more. Even more, he is the son of Zeus and Leto. Also, he even has a twin brother whose name is Artemis. His primary duties include the protection of herds, flocks, and crops from disease, pests, and predators.

Who is Apollo God in The Record of Ragnarok?

Apollo, the god’s representative, will be fighting in the ninth round of Ragnarok. Adding to that, he will be fighting against Leonidas. He is also popular under his other name, God of the Sun. Even more, he belongs to the Twelve Gods of Olympus. Also, he will make his first appearance in Chapter 78 of the series.


Appearance of Apollo (Source: Wiki-Fandom)

Moving towards his appearance, Apollo is a very handsome boy with flowing hair. Being one of the Greek pantheon, he also wears items that are related to the pantheon. Even more, he is decorated with various pieces of jewelry. As well, he wears the gauntlets like Qin Shi Hwang, but they are not pointed like Qin Shi Hwang’s.


Apollo is a person who cares a lot about beauty. Even more, when he finds out that the gods have died in Ragnarok, he first mourns. As well, he also wishes that he should be there, as he thought they would look more beautiful when they were dying.

Power and Abilities

Power and Abilities of Apollo (Source:

Physical Abilities

Apollo has good physical ability as he is one of the gods. Being a god, he has more physical energy than ordinary humans. Even more, he also does not take damage from mortal weapons, but he will take damage if he is hit by individuals who have superhuman strength and divine powers.


Apollo is one of the gods of the Greek religion. In addition, he is also the son of Zeus. Even more, as a god, he will die because of old age. So he must be killed or destroyed by some of the divine weapons or superhuman strength.


Apollo is very good at using the bow and arrow. He is very precise when he uses it. The color of his hair used to be silver. whereas it is not sure if he will be using a bow and arrow in Ragnarok or not, as the fight has already started and he seems to be holding the bow. His skills of using the bow and arrow results him to be more powerful.

Who will Apollo fight in the 9th round of Ragnarok?

Apollo will be fighting against Leonidas in the 9th round of Ragnarok. Leonidas is the human representative and will be fighting against Apollo. Leonidas is also known as Human History’s Mightiest Rebel. Even more, Leonidas is a very tall and muscular person with scars around his body as well as his face.

Apollo vs. Leonidas

Apollo vs Leonidas

The fight between them starts in the 9th round of Ragnarok. As the battle starts, Leonidas describes Apollo as a shy little sun god. It makes Apollo confused, whether he has met him before or not. As a result, he asks him whether he has met him or not. Leonidas seems to be carrying a shield with him during the battle, as he is one of the Spartans. Apollo is a god with lots of energy and speed, too.

So, he can go very bad on Leonidas. whereas the powerful gods have also defeated most of the human fighters too. Thus, the battle between Apollo and Leonidas will be interesting to watch.

Who will win the battle between Apollo and Leonidas?

We have already mentioned that Apollo is one of the gods and has superhuman abilities as a god. whereas Leonidas can also power up with the support of one of the valkyries. Heading on, Apollo will have a good amount of speed. On the other hand, Leonidas is the Spartan who fights in close-range combat. Even more, Apollo fights with the help of his bow and arrow. So he is a long-range fighter.

The battle depends on how the Valkyrie will support Leonidas as well as how Apollo chooses to fight with Leonidas. Also, Apollo falls for the beauty very easily, which can become the reason for his defeat if he loses the battle too. Anyway, being a god and more powerful, the victory ratio seems to lean more towards Apollo. As of now, we can only expect the winner, whereas the battle has yet to begin.

Is Apollo the last Greek god fighting in the series?

Greek Gods in Record of Ragnarok (Source: DeviantArt)

Yes, Apollo is the last Greek god who will be fighting in the series. Zeus goes to call him up for the battle, and we can see Apollo living on the flying island. Even more, being the last Greek god fighter, we can also expect victory to roam towards him. Also, the reaction of Zeus is also pointing towards it.

What is the score so far? What will the score be if Apollo wins the battle?

The score right now is 4-4. Again, both humanity’s representatives as well as the gods representatives have come to tie. After the fight, one of them will take the lead again. The score after the fight will be (Humanity 5 vs. 4 Gods) or (Humanity 4 vs. 5 Gods). This battle is very important for taking the lead and grabbing the win. Even more, if Apollo wins the battle, the score for the gods will rise to 5.

When will Record of Ragnarok season 2 be released?

The second season, or part 2, of the anime series (episodes 11 to 15), will be released on Netflix on July 12. For the release, the panel of Buddha is also released as a celebration.

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