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Character: Albert Hawke Anime Name : Ice Mage Power : Ice Height : 5 feet and 8 inches Gender : Male Width : N/A Hair color : Yellow Eye color: Blue Partners: Sei Takanashi

Albert Hawke- The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent

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Albert Hawke (Source: Fandom)

Albert Hawke Seijo

Albert Hawke is the fictional character of the Japanese anime and manga series, The Saint’s Magic Is Omnipotent series (aka Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou). Hawke is popular as the commander of the Third Order of the Knights in the magic world Salutania.

Also, he is popular as the love interest of the main protagonist of the anime, Sei Takanashi. Besides that, he is also the high-grade ice mage in the series.

Who are the Voice Artists of Albert Hawke Seijo?

Japanese Voice Actor, Takahiro Sakurai

The Japanese VA, Takahiro Sakurai played the character, Albert in The Saint’s Magic Is Omnipotent. Sakurai from Aichi Prefecture is also a narrator and radio personality.

Heading toward family background of the voice actor, Sakurai comes from a small business family that owned a rice shop. He has three siblings and eldest among them. Since his childhood, he was influenced by his profession. His first interest in the profession arose when he saw an interview with a voice actor on television.

After graduating from Okazaki Joshsei High School, he joined Yoyogi Animation Academy. Furthermore, he also attended the 81 Acting Institute too. In the year 2006, he made his debut as a voice actor in the romantic anime series, Bakusō Kyōdai Let’s & Go!!

In the series, he voiced the characters; Leone and Waldegald. Following the anime, he became a part of the anime series including Pokemon, Master Keaton, and Initial D in some small character roles. His journey as a voice actor was not easy. In the year 1999, he also wandered to quit his career as a voice actor. However, he continued his journey as a voice actor.

Moving forwards, he contributed his voice to various anime. That includes Kasumin, GetBackers, Gakuen Alice, and so on. In 2011, he got recognized for his work and received the Voice Awards in Male Category at Famitsu Awards. The following year, he also won the Overseas Fan’s Award.

He is popular as Kiyomaro Takamine of Zatch Bell, Izuru Kira of Bleach, and Sting Eucliffe of Fairy Tail. Currently, he is associated with the talent agency, INTENTION.

Apart from voice acting, he also pursued his career as a radio personality in 2013 for the Japanese Manga, Shirokuma Cafe. Later, in April, he started his first radio show, Cherry Bell Co. Ltd. The same year, he started working as a freelancer leaving the talent management company, 81 Produce. In 2014, he joined the talent management company, INTENTION. To date, he is affiliated with the company.

English Voice Actor, Ian Sinclair

The English voice for the character is contributed by the American voice director, Ian Sinclair. Sinclair is renowned for his work with the Dragonball Z series. Currently, the talent management agency, Mary Collins Agency represents him.

Ian Sinclair
Ian Sinclair (Source: IMDB)

Heading towards early life, Sinclair started his career as a voice actor during his college days. In college, he studied performing arts. Later, In the year 2007, he made his voice-acting debut with the anime, Bamboo Blade. In the series, he voiced the character, Toraji Ishida. Following that, he became part of the dark fantasy anime, Claymore which revolves around females infused by the yoma creating a hybrid human and monster.

Since that time, he has never looked back and has been part of more than 50 anime series as a voice actor. His projects include Level E, One Piece, Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul, and My Hero Academia. Last, he voiced the character, Catesby in Requiem of the Rose King.

Apart from the anime series, he also voiced his various video games. Some of his video game projects are The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, Borderlands 3, and Tales of Zestiria.

Albert Hawke Seijo- Birth Age, Family Background, Father, Mother & Brother

Details regarding his birthdate and parental information on Albert are still a mystery in the series. However, after observing his status in the magic world, he comes from a quite well-off family. In fact, there is a high probability he can be a nobleman. Often, he is regarded as the third son of Margrave.

Concerning his age, he is in his mid 20’s. As the series took its’ flow, it was discovered that Albert has an elder brother, Erhart Hawke. Like Albert, Erhart is also an important personality in the magic world. He happens to be the deputy chief of mages in the kingdom. Hence, he is related to the Court Mage Division of the nation.

Albert Hawke’s Love Interest & Relationship

Sei & Albert Hawke

Albert has a romantic feeling for Sei Takanashi who comes from a different world as a saint in the kingdom. He first meant Sei on his deathbed. After that returning from an excursion to kill the monster, he was greatly injured. Also, there was a higher chance that he would not survive.

However, Sei acts as a savior for Albert who treated him with her high-grade magic potions. As time flew by, he developed a strong and friendly bond with Sei. He used to give a lift from the library on his horse.

Furthermore, Sei is also highly attracted to Albert in a romantic manner. When she met him for the second time, she even uttered that he healed handsomely.

Albert & Sei’s First Date

As the journey of Sei proceeds in Salutania, they even went to roam around the city area during their free time. While they were walking, Albert held her hand in a very protective manner.

Moving forward, they stopped by a local vendor to grab some things to eat and drink. In the end, Albert gifted her a hair clip with gems from his eyes which expressed his feeling of love towards Sei.

Albert and Sei on their first date
Albert and Sei on their first date (Source: benigmatica)

Up to now, there is a higher possibility that Sei Takanashi will end up with Albert observing their mutual romantic feelings toward each other.

Kyle Slantania

The romantic fuel for the anime series happens in the sizzling chemistry of both Albert and Sei. And often Albert is only shown in the anime along with Sei sharing some romantic moments. As a result, the screentime of Albert along with other characters is relatively low.

However, his relationship with Kyle is quite memorable due to some heated moments that occurred within the series. At the time, Kyle was about the slap Sei when thought that she is the reason behind his fight with his fiancé,  Elizabeth Ashley.

During that time, Albert intervened at the moment and hold his hand. The moment could have been converted into a duel between those two characters. However, the king arrived at the place and apologized for his behavior of Kyle to Sei, and the matter got resolved at the moment without any kind of trouble.

Albert Hawke- Power, Magic & Abilities

Ice Mage

Like all the characters of the series, Albert also has magical power. His magic type is ice magic which is itself a rare magic type in the series. Due to this reason, he is also often referred to as the ice knight. During the fight against the salamander, he uses his magic in a defensive manner as a wall to protect other people and himself. However, the mage has not used his magic in an offensive way.

Master Swordsman

When it comes to his abilities, he is also a master swordsman. During the expedition against salamander, he fought against them using his sword in a very skilled manner killing them with a single slash.

However, there are some moments when he could not fight against them as his sword was broken during those fights.

Enhanced Reflexes

One of the abilities that the character possesses happens to be his reflexes. Despite being in his early twenties, he is extremely talented as a Knight and its commander. As a result of his ability, he is able to predict the next moves of his enemy and use the prediction against them in a fatal manner.

Albert Hawke- Height, Weight, Appearance & Personality

He has blue eyes with yellow hair. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and has a decent weight.

Moving towards his persona, he has a charming personality along with diamond-shaped facial features. Albert always wears a uniform as the commander which happens to be a green coat and black pants and high knee shoes.


When it comes to his personality, he has a very strong personality as a Knight. He proved the strength of his character when he stood against the crown prince, Kyle Slantania when he tried to hit her. Yet, the character is very easy-going and gentle in nature. In addition to that, he is caring too when it comes to his love interest in the series, Sei.

To protect her during the expedition against salamander, he used himself as the shield for saving Sei. Apart from that, he is a romantic side too. He never feels shy in the matter of expressing his love for Sei from the first day of the series.


  • His nickname is Ice Knight.
  • The meaning of his mean Albert happens to be Noble.

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