Find everything about Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill along with plot, main characters and their casts

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Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill is a comedy, cooking, and isekai Japanese light novel, anime, and manga series. The novel was first serialized on January 5, 2016, whereas the manga was first serialized on August 24, 2018. The manga is illustrated by the manga artist, Akagishi K.

Moving towards the anime, the anime was first aired on January 11, 2023, via the English Network and Animax Asia. Adding on, the anime is directed by the director, Kiyoshi Matsuda.

Main Plot

The main plot of the series follows a boy whose name is Tsuyoshi Mukouda. One day, he transports himself to another fantasy world, where he finds that his skill can let him buy anything without any cost from an online supermarket. Along with him, three other heroes are also transported into the same fantasy world.

The main motive for them to be transported was to rescue the kingdom from a mysterious threat. But the main protagonist of the series, Tsuyoshi, learns that he was transported into the fantasy world because of a mistake. With the only skill to buy the food for free from the online supermarket in Japan, Tsuyoshi has to save the kingdom and live on his own in the new world.

Main Characters and Their Cast

Characters Casts
Mukouda Tsuyoshi Yuuma Uchida
Fel Satoshi Hino
Sui Hina Kino
Ninlil Maaya Uchida
Agni Yo Taichi
Kishar Yuko Kaida

Mukouda Tsuyoshi

Mukouda Tsuyoshi (Source: Pinterest)

Mukouda Tsuyoshi is the main protagonist of the series. He seems to be very cowardly but is very confident in his skills. As of now, he is summoned as one of the four heroes summoned from Japan.

Before it, he was working in the restaurant, and he was a normal student. In addition, he used to earn an average salary too. One day, when he was running home, he was involved in the process of hero summoning. Even more, after summoning, he was very weaker than the other three heroes, as his skills are appraisal and item box.


Fel is considered one of the monsters in the series. Mukoda seems to be very familiar with him. Even more, Fel is white in color and is very attractive. Fel appears in front of humans after 300 years. The Fel can destroy a country on his own.

One day, Mukoda was cooking grilled red bear meat. The smell of it makes Fel find them. As well, Fel demands food and, in exchange, has a familiar contact with Mukouda. Which ends up making them familiar with each other.


Sui is a baby slime, and later he evolved and increased his volume too. Adding on, he is the main character of the spin-off cartoon, Sui’s Great Adventure. Later, Makouda makes him the second familiar after Fel. Also, Sui can eat anything.

As a result, it makes Makouda sign a contract with Sui. When Sui was able to eat anything in the supermarket, Makouda was amazed. As a result, Makouda now stores food and dishes in Sui. In his actual form, Sui looks like a bowling ball of blue color. As well, Sui calls him master, aruji, which is a term for calling master lord by servant.


Ninlil is the goddess of the wind. Adding on, Ninlil looks very beautiful and is very emotional in the case of food. She usually gave protection to Fel. Later, she learns about Mukoda from Fel.

Then, she also wants to give protection to Mukouda. In the palace, she is the oldest god among all of the members. But she is not respected in the palace by the other gods. So Mukouda takes her as a pitiful goddess. It also leads her to become a god with the fewest believers.


Agni is also the goddess of the series. Even more, she is the goddess of fire. Agni is a god from the Gods Realm. She looks like a dark-skinned lady. Later, she even blessed Mukouda with the fire skill, which even led Mukoda to use the fire abilities.

For exchange, she gets different goods from the earth. Also, she was first addicted to sweets, but later she was attracted to beers from the earth.


Kishar is a beautiful goddess. As well, she is a goddess from earth. Though she has a different hysterical side, she has behaviors like her elder sister. Adding, she also blessed Mukouda, and in return, she will be getting the items from the earth.

At first, her motive was to get the goods from the earth, but later she wanted various cosmetics from the earth. Among all the gods, she has the most followers. Even more, she represents fertility as well as a good harvest. People go to her temple in order to get married, and it is also famous for the wedding ceremony.

Review of Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Campfire Cooking in Another World with Absurd Skill (Source: YouTube)

The anime is very funny, and due to its different type of isekai plot, it is very interesting to watch. Even more, the anime can also attract different types of viewers very easily. The plot goes very steady, which makes it easier for the viewer to hang around the plot too.

Unlike other anime, the protagonist does not want to be overly powerful in this one. Adding on, he wants to live with the help of someone he is familiar with. So, the plot keeps on providing humor with its different plotlines. So, this anime is a different Isekai anime, which will be very fun to watch.

How can you watch Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill?

It is very good news for anime fans, as the anime can be watched easily on Crunchyroll. Even more, if you are available on Netflix, you can easily watch the series on Netflix too. If you do not want to pay and are okay with ads, you can still watch it on various free sites too.


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