Buddha Vs Hajun of Record of Ragnarok. Find interesting facts about the battle of Lord Buddha

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Buddha vs Zerofuku

Who does Buddha fight in the Record of Ragnarok?

Buddha is representing a god’s side in the battle of Ragnarok. But, he becomes a kind of troublemaker for the gods and decides to fight from the side of humans. Well, he has his appearance and battle in the sixth round of the Ragnarok.

Moving towards the history of Buddha, he is a very peaceful kind of person. Further, he always follows the path of truth and believes no one should kill anyone. Whereas, in this anime series, he seems quite muscular in his body. Here, is the Buddha’s opponent and his description along with the battle scenarios.

Wild Card & Trouble Maker Buddha

Buddha (Source: Pinterest)

As mentioned above, Buddha shows his appearance in the sixth round of the Ragnarok. He was going to battle from god’s side but changes his side to the humans. Even more, he is the founder of Buddhism. Also, he was known as Gautama Siddhartha in his human form. Actually, he was born in a beautiful land-locked country, Nepal.

The Japanese voice for the character is portrayed by the Japanese voice actor, Yuichi Nakamura. Moving, towards his origin, he was born in 1987.

Whereas, the English voice for the character is played by the American voice actor Maaz Ali.

An opponent of Buddha, Zerofuku/Hajun

Zerofuku (Source: Pinterest)

Zerofuku is the one who fights against Buddha in the sixth round of Ragnarok. He takes over the place of Bishamonten in order to fight with Buddha. Even more, he is also a fusion of Seven Lucky Gods, Bishamonten, Ebisu, Benzaiten, Hoteison, Fukurokuju, Daikokuten, and Jurojin. Further, he seems to have a muscular body with a hole at the place where his heart should be located.

Zerofuku/Hajun’s power and ability

Zerofuku’s Power(Source: Pinterest)

Godly strength

His strength is also not comparable to anyone’s as he can easily hold the weight of his divine axe which is very heavy. Adding on, even if his axe grows 900 times its actual size, he can still hold it easily.

Speed & Reflexes

Not only he is good in strength but he has very good speed and reflexes as well. Further, he can easily swing his axe at a very high speed easily. Even though, the axe is very heavy in size.

Hajun’s Seed

Zerofuku was transplanted a speed on his speed by Beelzebub. Later, that travels to his overall body. as the seed comes into the active form he starts to have a hole in his chest and his mouth. Whereas these two places will create two dragons and starts to envelop creating an egg. Later, from the egg, Hajun will come out.

Fight between Buddha and Zerofuku/Hajun

Buddha vs Zerofuku (Source: Quora)

As the battle starts, Lord Buddha keeps on having kicks and punches over Zerofuku. Whereas, Zerofuku seems to be already knocked out. Even more, Buddha also says to him that the fight has already started come on bring it up. But, Lord Buddha was not even coming up in his all power.

On one side, all gods were calling him a traitor were humans were starting to worship him. After it, we come to know about Four Sages and Buddha as well as Jesus Christ is one of the Four Sages. Heading on, Zerofuku starts to have multiple attacks but Lord Buddha easily dodges them. Later, God Ares sees that their weapon of Zerofuku is getting bigger and bigger.

Then, God Zeus explains it as Misery Cleaver which is the process of absorbing the mystery. Along with it, Zerofuku’s power keeps on increasing but it has no match for Lord Buddha. Because Lord Buddha has a future vision and enlightenment of eight consciousness. The battle seems quite going to the hand of Lord Buddha.

Who is the winner of Lord Buddha vs Zerofuku/Hajun

Buddha wins Zerofuku (Source: Twitter)

Heading on to the fight, the body of Zerofuku was absorbed into Hajun. As Hajun comes out from the egg. Due to the demonic form, Buddha was not able to use his eight consciousness and it was the point the fight becomes more interesting. In addition, Zerofuku also destroy the left eye of Lord Buddha.

After all, the fight was seeming a matching one. But, later Zerofuku’s soul approached him. Then, it was the point when he comes out from the darkness of Hajun. Moving on to the fight, coming to the end Zerofuku was about to slice Buddha but Buddha raise the sword and tell him to walk along with him on the path of victory.

At last, to win over Zerofuku/Hajun, Buddha used the Blade of the Celestial Eye’s Awakening – Maphari Nirvana to cut Hajun’s arm and torso. Therefore, the soul of Zerofuku including Seven Lucky Gods was erased. At last, Zerofuku’s soul comes out running and shows a thumbs up to Lord Buddha.

Honourable Mention

What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok is a fight of humans in order to increase their existence for another 1000 years. But, if God wins they will not be able to live. Moving on, each side has 13 fighters. Further, the first side to get the 7 points will win the Ragnarok. Adding on, the fight is up to the death and only the winning one will be declared victory.

Even more, if anyone dies in the battle. Their soul will be turned into ashes. Further, they will not be able to get back their souls too. As a result, the ones to lose cannot participate themselves into the recycle. The battle venue is Valhalla Arena.

Rules for Ragnarok

As the rule, only the fighter and the commentator can participate in the battle. Likewise, Buddha, the fighters can swap their sides before the battle starts. Also, the team can even know which person the side has chosen for the battle before the battle starts. Similarly, a single fighter can participate in more than one battle. Lastly, there is no restriction based on species, all humans, gods as well as demons can participate in Ragnarok.

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