Bocchi the Rock! Is finally adapting anime. Know release date, plot and important facts

You are currently viewing Bocchi the Rock! Is finally adapting anime. Know release date, plot and important facts
Bocchi the Rock! (Source: Anime Corner)

Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock! ( Source: Pinterest)

Bocchi the Rock! is Japanese manga series. The manga is written and illustrated by the Manga Artist, Aki Hamaji. Also, the manga was first serialized on December 19, 2017, in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine, Manga Time.

What is the plot of Bocchi the Rock!?

The plotline of the anime follows a very shy girl, Hitori Gotou. Moreover, she has a dream to be a very good guitar player and be in a good band. But, because of her shyness, it was not possible to. In addition, she comes to meet her new friend, Nijika Ijichi. And, the dream of Hitori could come possibly as Nijika is a very good drummer. In addition, they both are looking after more members to create a very good band.

When will Bocchi the Rock! Release?

The trailer of the anime adaptation has already come out. Also, from the trailer, it is known that the anime going to release in fall of 2022. But, there is no confirmed date that the anime is going to release. Anyway, fans are roaming here and there with excitation for the exact date of release.

Who are the cast for Bocchi the Rock!?

Also, the cast for the anime is also stated by Crunchyroll. Moreover, a very known voice actress Yoshino Aoyama will be providing a voice for the main protagonist Hitori Gotou. Whereas, another well-known voice actress, Sayumi Suzushiro will be providing a voice for very good drummer Nijika Ijichi. Further, these are the only things we are to know far. In addition, as the release date comes nearer more updates will be known easily.

What kind of anime is Bocchi the Rock!?

Nijika Ijichi (Source: OtakuKart)

From the name of anime, we can know that anime is all about music. Further, the anime follows comedy scenes with a slice of life too. Even more, the anime with the shy girl becoming a good guitarist of the best band. Moreover, it’s about fulfilling her dream of being a member of the best band. Also, the anime is going to be full of very good music and songs no doubt.

Can Hitori become a good guitarist?

Hitori Gotou (Source: Pinterest)

Being the main protagonist, she really gonna drive anime fans toward her. As well, she has very shy behavior in nature which is getting very hard for her career. Similarly, she is already able to make a new friend who is a good drummer. As a result, there is no doubt she will be a good member of any band later.

Why Bocchi the Rock! is different from other music anime?

Bocchi the Rock! (Source: Pinterest)

Well, if we look at various types of music anime. Most of them seem to be like following only the opening and ending music themes in the anime. Whereas, this anime follows the plotline with a lot of music. Altogether, the anime can become the best new music anime of all time. As well, the anime is also based on the concept of the band. Not only the singer singing the song but it’s all about the band. Further, the anime just does not give concepts about the music. Whereas, the anime is totally based on the concept of music.

What are other music anime you can watch while waiting for Bocchi the Rock!?

K-On! Love House!

K-On! Love House! (Source: Pinterest)

This anime also follows the basic concepts of music. Moreover, the anime follows a girl, Ritsu a junior high student. Even more, she invites her friend Keion-bu to perform and rehearse in her house. In addition, they are about to have a performance on New year’s eve. Whereas, they have very least time to practice as they have only 10 days on their hands.

Further, the anime seems to be very attractive as we get a chance to watch them manage their performance in a short period of time. The most amazing part is that they are the one who decides their costume as well as the lights for their show.

Your Lie In April

Your lie in April (Source: Pinterest)

Here, this anime is also full of music with romance as well. Two-person falling on each other. Further, the anime also possess tragedy at some point. The plotline of the anime follows two musicians violinist and a pianist. Even more, they both are in love with music very much.

Sadly, the girl becomes ill and it’s too difficult to save her from the operation. Where the most tragic part lies. Altogether, the two-person falling for each other also with the music stands as one of the best anime related to music.


Given (Source: Pinterest)

Given can stand as a very unique music anime for you to watch. Because the anime has two boys falling for each other. Also, they start to fall for each other during the process of learning guitar with each other. In addition, from learning the guitar they both start to have a feeling for each other. Besides, that certainly moves them to the same band too. Whereas, their relationship starts to be thicker as they plan to move for the band music competition. Moving on, the anime stands as a unique music anime with two boys falling for each other.

Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Tommorow’s Cantabile (Source: Pinterest)

The anime is on the list as it is also related to the music anime. Likewise, Your lie in April this anime also follows a relationship between a pianist and violinist. Also, they seem to be quite different but when they come to learn that they both can produce very good music. And, the amazing thing is that they both read in the same school.

They started to work together on the music. While working with each other they both too have a certain relationship. Even more, they have the ambition to have a professional music career. And, it seems possible as they both start to work together giving no care for the scare they have. If you are willing to watch the music anime this will be a good choice for you.

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