When will Bastard! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 will Release? Know About its’ Main Characters, Plot, and Cast

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Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2

Bastard!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is a dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sword and sorcery Japanese manga and anime series. The manga is illustrated by the manga artist, Kazushi Hagiwara. Also, the anime is having its epic return, as the action-packed trailer has already been released for Netflix.

At the present time, Netflix is participating and is not hesitating to show the anime series. As of now, the dark and adult fantasy is also reaching for it. Most of the fans are eagerly waiting for it.

Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy’s weekly Shōnen Jump Run

Bastard!! -Heavy metal, Dark Fantasy manga (Source: Pinterest)

The writer of the series, Mangaka Kazushi Hagiwara, is able to write such a plot by getting inspiration from heavy metal music. His work has also been fruitful, as the series was able to sell over 300 copies in circulation globally. The manga was first serialized on March 14, 1998, in Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Later, Netflix and Liden Films tested the series first in 1992 with six episodes. The director of My Hero Academia, Yosuke Kuroda, was chosen as a director, whereas the one handling the Blue Lock anime was handed the editing part.

Main Plot

The main plot of the anime is set in England, where the post-apocalyptic world is running. Due to it, humans are living with the threat of different monstrous creatures such as goblins, orcs, vampires, and so on. As a result, people need magic to survive these creatures.

Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 1 Summary

Bastard!! -Heavy metal, Dark Fantasy Season 1 (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

In season 1, the plot starts with a girl, Yoko, searching for a kid whose name is Luche. The castle where they both live was attacked by the monster, so they had to run away. Her father had told her that there is a seal in the castle, and it will lift up only if a virgin girl kisses a boy.

Heading on, the spirit of the stronger sorcerer will be possessed in the body of a boy, which the girl will kiss. But she does not want to kiss someone, so she tries to run away. At the same time, monsters invaded the castle. So, she kissed Luche, which turned Luche into a Dark Schneider, who was a strong sorcerer years ago.

After turning into the sorcerer, Luche starts killing the monster very easily. Whereas, Yoko was scared she might lose Luche forever. Later, she finds out that Luche’s personality has only changed. As the battle ends, Yoko again kisses Luche, which turns Luche back to his original form. Then, they both keep on fighting monsters and keep on becoming stronger with time.

Main Character and Casts for Bastard!! -Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Season 2

Characters Cast
Tomori Kusunoki Hiroki Yasumoto
Dark Schneider Kisho Taniyama
Gara Hiroki Yasumoto
Kall-Su Kensho Ono
God of Destruction Anthrasax Mami Koyama


Tia Noto Yoko

Tia Noto Yoko (Source: Pinterest)

Tia Noo Yoko is one of the main characters of the series and is able to control the Dark Schneider. Adding on, her father’s name is Geo Noto Soto, who was a great priest. Her father gave her the idea to possess the power of the strongest sorcerer. Even more, she is the first girl to use the Virgin’s kiss in order to awaken and possess Dark Schneider.

Dark Schneider

Dark Schneider (Source: Pinterest)

Dark Schneider is the main character in the series. Adding to that, he is the most powerful wizard in his universe. 15 years ago, he had an army of wizards and warriors that the Divine Kings used to control. Even more, he was defeated by Lars UI Metallicana and used his magic to reincarnate himself into a young boy whose name is Lucien Renien.


Gara is also popular under his other name, Ninja Master Gara. Ho can defeat everyone. As well, Gara was the son of the great who wanted to become a ninja. Adding on, he was a member of the Divine Kings; later, he joins the group of Dark Schneider. Also, he is very muscular and tall in appearance. Being a ninja, Gara is very good at using many weapons, such as shurikens, kunais, the ninja sword Murusame, and armor for defense.


Kall-Su is one of the members of the Four Divine Kings. Previously, he was the right-hand man and best friend of Dark Schneider. He is very powerful with his ice magic. As of now, he is not friends with Dark Schneider, and he has the same level of power as his old friend, Schneider. Moving on, with the motive of reviving the God of Destruction, Anthrasax invades the four kingdoms where the people with magic are ruling.

God of Destruction, Anthrasax

Anthrasax (Source: Zerochan)

Anthrasax is a female demon, also known as the God of Destruction. Adding on, she is so powerful that people fear only her name. It is believed that Anthrasax is made up of science rather than magic. The reason for her creation was to stop the wars in the world. So, scientists, magicians, and alchemists work together in order to create her.

When is Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 going to release?

As of now, the manga is still running. The team has announced that season 2 will be released in winter 2023. In addition, Season 1 has covered 92 chapters from the manga, whereas Season 2 will have 13 episodes. The official release date has not been mentioned until now. Adding on, the anime is going to release in the winter of 2023. Thus, we can predict that Season 2 will be in front of viewers in the first week of January 2024.

An action-packed trailer for Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2

The trailer for Bastard!—Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 is already available on YouTube. Even more, you can easily watch it on the YouTube channel of Netflix. It indicates that the anime will be full of action with the fight between sorcerers, shoguns, and samurai corps. Also, the trailer also shows the resurrection of the God of Destruction.


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