Are the rumors about Bleach thousand year blood war true? Know Everything About Bleach: Thousand year blood war

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bleach thousand year blood war (Source: Pinterest)

Bleach Thousand Year Blood war

Bleach (Source: Pinterest)

Bleach is an adventure and supernatural Japanese anime series. The anime was first aired on October 5, 2004, on English Network, Adult Swim. Further, the anime is directed by the director Noriyuki Abe.

Even more, Bleach has been one of the good anime as of now. It has lots of fans worldwide. Moreover, it also has manga with the same name Bleach.

What is the plot of Bleach: Thousand year blood arc?

The plot of the Bleach: Thousand Years blood war will flow the continuity from the plot of Bleach we have seen in 2004. While in the upcoming season of Bleach we will see a sudden warning siren alert in the society, Soul society. Moreover, things will start to happen that was never happening. Also, the people residing in the Soul society will be disappearing without a trace left. And, that will cause great trouble for the Soul Reapers. Even more, as no traces were left it becomes very hard to find out who is behind it. As well, it greatly heads toward the main protagonist Ichigo. Can the Soul Reapers bear this situation?

Who are the characters of Bleach: Thousand Year blood war

1. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki (Source: Pinterest)

Ichigo Kurosaki is also known as the substitute Shinigami. As he has lent the power from Rukia in order to fight the spirit. Moreover, as of now, Ichigo has already married Orihime Inoue. And they already have a boy child whose name is Kazui Kurosaki. While he was young he loved his mother very much. Even when he loses and got beaten up in the dojo, he particularly smiles seeing his mom. But, now he is a very short-tempered person and does anything without giving a damn about others.

2. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki (Source: Pinterest)

Rukia Kuchiki is the one who has provided power to Ichigo Kurosaki. As of now, they both have a good relationship as a friend. Further, she also has a husband at this time and his name is Renji Abarai. Though she was born in a very low-class family, she really interacts with anyone even though they are from a low or high-class family. Her behavior of not interacting with others easily caused her to have less amount of friends. Further, as a Soul Reaper and providing the power Ichigo, she does not know much about the modern world.

3. Tōshirō Hitsugaya

Tōshirō Hitsugaya (Source: Pinterest)

Tōshirō Hitsugaya is a very strong soul reaper with his position as 10th division in Gotei 13. Previously, he was working in the 3rd seat of the 10th division. In addition, Hitsugaya is very collected and mature in attitude. Further, he is very different from Rangiku Matsumoto. Though they both appear to be very different, they both are quite good with each other. And, Rangiku is also ready to follow the orders of Hitsugaya. Though he is a very mature boy, he hates people who act childish in front of him.

4. Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai (Source: Pinterest)

Reji Abarai is the husband of Rukia Kuchiki. Even more, he is working as a lieutenant of the 6th division at the Gotei 13. Moreover, his attitude is very different, he keeps on changing from time to time. Sometimes he seems to be a very bad person whereas sometimes he seems to be like a serious person to stand as a threat in a fight. Even more, he does not care if someone comes in his way, he can easily kill people if they try to come to stop his way. In addition, in the thought of Yasutora Sado also have similar fighting skills to Ichigo Kurosaki.

5. Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue (Source: Pinterest)

Orihime Inoue is a human who is residing in Karakura Town. Even more, she was also a student who graduated from Karakura High School. As of now, she is the wife of Ichigo Kurosaki. She is very kind and loves to care for everyone. In addition, she is a very good student and she used to get financial support from her relatives if she get good marks. But, when her marks are low she starts to practice very hard for better results. Additionally, she has a habit of daydreaming and thinking about herself in the future where different robot exists.

6. Ishida Uryuu

Ishida Uryuu (Source: Pinterest)

Ishida Uryuu is a very good doctor working at Karakura Hospital. Further, she has a very good relationship with Ichigo Kurosaki as they both are very good friends. When she is not around people she acts very silently and normally whereas when she is in front of other people she acts very differently. Besides, medical things she is also good at sewing and making handicrafts. Though, she has such talent she feels happy to stitch things for her friends. But her friends often suggest she make new designs.

Which characters will be added in Bleach: Thousand Year blood war?

1. Kazui Kurosaki


Kazui Kurosaki (Source: Pinterest)

Kazui Kurosaki has already appeared in the manga before. In addition, he will be appearing in the Bleach: Thousand-year blood war. Moreover, he is the son of our main protagonist Ichigo. And the most amazing fact about him is that he also possesses the ability of Soul reaper like his father does. Moreover, he has already the ability of zanpakuto, the ability to cut souls. Adding to it, he also has bankai present within him too.

2. Ichika Abarai

Ichika Abarai (Source: Pinterest)

Ichika Abarai’s father is also a great Soul Reaper, Renji Abarai. Moreover, she will also show her appearance in the new season of Bleach. In addition, she is already having the training in order to become one of the finest Soul Reapers. Further, she can become one of the best Soul Reapers as she is training with squad 11 since a small age. Additionally, with her best ability to use the sword, she even impressed her father too. While as of now she does not have any Bankai within her. Maybe this season, we might be able to see her Bankai too.

3. Atau Rindo

Atau Rindo (Source: Reddit)

Atau Rindo works as the Lieutenant and one of the new Soul Reapers to have an appearance in Bleach: Thousand-year blood war. Even more, he is very different from other Soul Reapers as he does not speak. The only thing he can do is use the Japanese sign language for communicating with others. Moreover, his patience level is very high and bears a mature personality. In addition, he is very fond of birds. And, also write the name of various animals on his zanpakuto’s blade.

4. Yuyu Yayahara

Yuyu Yayahara (Source: Twitter)

Yuyu Yayahara is working with Squad 8, and she is second in command there. Also, she is the new soul reaper to be added to the series in one shot. Further, she seems very modern as she has dyed her hair and used to keep very stylish fingernails. While talking about the fight, she is very stronger as she can easily crush the Hell Hollows. Sadly, her zanpakuto is still unknown. Even more, she is one of the Soul Reapers who uses social media. And, she does this only to show that she is from very modern Japan.

Are the rumors about Bleach: Thousand Year blood war true?

It’s good news for the fan of Bleach as the rumors you have been hearing about Bleach: Thousand Year blood war are true. Even more, everything is ready for Bleach season 17 anime. The Weekly Shōnen Jump has also stated that the new season will be headed with the Thousand-Year Blood War Story arc. In addition, it states that Bleach will be having an ending.

When will Bleach: Thousand Year blood war be released?

The Bleach season 17 is confirmed to release in October 2022. The exact date is not stated whereas it is confirmed to release in October Fall 2022.

Where can we watch Bleach: Thousand Year blood war?

It is very easy to watch Bleach season 17. As it is available on both Hulu and Amazon. You can easily watch the new season of Bleach.


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