Know Everything about Apollo Vs King Leonidas IN RECORD OF RAGHAROK. WHO IS THE WINNER?

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9th Round of Ragnarok


As of now, the 8th round has been completed in the manga. Even more, we are able to learn about the next fighters. In which Apollo will be fighting from the god’s side whereas King Leonidas will be fighting as humanity’s representative.

Currently, in the record of Ragnarok after the 8th round, the score is 4-4. The score is a tie between humans and gods. The battle  in 9th round will be interesting to watch as one of the fighters is Spartan, History’s Mightiest Rebel, Leonidas, and one of the fighters is the son of Zeus, the Sun God Apollo.

Here is the description of the fighters of the 9th Round of Ragnarok with their power and abilities:


Sun God Apollo (Source:

In the Greek and Roman religions, he is one of the Olympian deities and is recognized as the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, and more.

In the series, he is one of the fighters representing God’s side in Ragnarok. He is the god of the sun as well as the son of Zeus. Even more, he will fight in the 9th round of Ragnarok, and his opponent is King Leonidas. Apollo seems to be using the bow and arrow. Being a god, he has divine powers too. Also, he is the last Greek god who will be fighting in the series.

Power and abilities

Power and Abilities of Apollo (Source: Wiki-Fandom)


Being a god, he has an immense amount of physical ability. Adding on, his physical powers cannot be compared with those of ordinary humans. With these strengths, he is immune to different types of weapons. whereas he also takes the damage if it is from individuals who have superhuman strength.


Being a god, Apollo has the ability of semi-impertality. With this ability, he will not grow with age. As a result, he must be killed. Adding on, he is also not hurt by any mortal weapons; he will die if a person with superhuman strength kills him. Otherwise, he is immortal to the death.


Apollo seems to be using the silver bow and archer. He has very good skill in archery. As a result, if he fights from a long distance, he will be very profitable in the battle. As well, his divine god power can add more power to his bow and archer. Along with his accuracy and divine power, he is very good at archery.


Leonidas (Source: Twitter)

King Leonidas is one of the strongest fighters from the state of Sparta. Leonidas was born between 530 and 480 B.C. He became famous for his battle at Thermopylae, in which he was last standing and did not surrender. Anyway, he dies in the battle standing last in 480 B.C. The battle was memorable, as 300 Spartans fought against 100,000 Persians.

Moving towards the series, he is the fighter representing humans in the 9th Round of Ragnarok. Even more, he is a great warrior with a muscular body. As well, he holds great power and is very good in close combat. Adding on, he makes his first appearance in Chapter 78 of the series.


Power and Abilities of Leonidas (Source: Pinterest)


Being a Spartan, he has superhuman physical strength. Also, according to Brunhilde, he is one of the fighters who only has the potential to beat Apollo after seven million years. We can imagine how powerful he is from his battle at Thermopylae. Due to his physical ability, he is popular in the current world.


He is not as fast as his opponent, Apollo. But, fighting as a Spartan, he can show quick reflexes during close combat and battles. As in the start of the 9th round of Ragnarok, he was the one to attack Apollo so quickly, which shocked the audience. Even though Apollo was able to manage it and counterattack him,


The endurance of King Leonidas is well shown through the scars on his body as well as on his face. The scars also represent the injuries he sustained during his battles. As he is still alive with the large scars, we can predict how much endurance he has during the battles.


As King Leonidas is from the Spartan Kingdom, he grew up learning combat and fighting from a very young age. It led him to become a well-trained Spartan warrior. With this training, he is able to have more physical strength as well as endurance. Even more, the Spartans also do very hard and heavy lifting in their training. It results in a more muscular body for him.


Leonidas vs Apollo (Source: Otakunotes)

When calling Leonidas for the battle, Leonidas disagrees that he will be fighting in the 9th round. He says that he either wants to fight in the first round or in the last round of Ragnarok. In addition, when Brunhilde was calling for him, she was with Goll. Goll also has conversations with Leonidas. As Goll has a Volunder shield as well as armor, she can act as a Volunder for King Leonidas.

Goll is the youngest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters. In most of the matches, she keeps up with Brunhilde, watching the fights. She has Volunder, which can let her turn into any weapon that her opponents want. As a result, Leonidas, being a Spartan, uses both shields and weapons. As a result, Goll will be one of the best matches for King Leonidas.

It is not a confirmed result for the battle; it is just a prediction that Goll might be the Volunder of King Leonidas. Even more, the fifth, sixth, eighth, and twelve Valkyries can become his Volunder, but they have still not appeared in the series.


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